emissions test

11 Aug Why Your Car Needs an Emissions Test

An emissions test is taken to help prevent pollutant emissions from coming from your car engine. Your car engine must be in a certain shape to pass this type of test. Most of the time, if your car is well-taken care of with regular maintenance,...

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02 Aug All about Your Shocks and Struts

Your vehicle’s shocks and struts are key components of the suspension system. Their condition has a great impact on how safe you are on the road. We wanted to highlight how your shocks and struts work, the right time to replace them, signs you need...

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28 Jul 5 Radiator Repair Q&As

Car radiator repairs are not as simple as they used to be. In order for your car and its engine to run safely, it relies on the condition of your car’s radiator. The radiator keeps your car engine working at the proper temperature. You may...

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22 Jul What to Do When Your Car Hits 50,000 Miles

Once your new vehicle hits the 50K mark in miles, there are some basic maintenance things to check off your list! Even though your car is still a baby at this early mileage stage, preventative care will keep your vehicle running in top shape. “What...

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car starter

24 Jun A Broken Car Starter: 5 Warning Signs

Drivers have car starter issues more frequently than you might think. Most of this common issue is due to a lack of maintenance and frequent repair for older vehicles. There will be clear warning signs for a broken or bad car starter! Your car may...

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07 Jun 5 Signs Your Wheel Bearings Are Bad

The condition of your car wheels is key to your vehicle safety! The design and function of your wheels and the wheel bearings are quite complex. Your car’s wheel bearings are the metal balls that are held together by a ring that allows the wheels...

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