An emissions test is taken to help prevent pollutant emissions from coming from your car engine. Your car engine must be in a certain shape to pass this type of test. Most of the time, if your car is well-taken care of with regular maintenance, it will pass well. But there are instances where your car could fail an emissions test. Reasons for failing a test like this could involve a faulty oxygen sensor, defective ignition system, leaks, or something is wrong with your evaporative emission control system. Whichever one it is, you will need to get it repaired by a professional mechanic right away to get back on the road.

Why do you need an emissions test?

Many states require this test annually, and it is required to be able to register your car. Each state has different specifications depending on where it is located. A proper car emissions test is necessary to improve our world’s air climate and quality. We already have so much to improve when it comes to our air quality, so doing this is just a step toward improving our world. This standard test also ensures that the levels of toxic gases are not exceeded and that you’re driving legally on the road. A typical emissions test is around 15-25 dollars each. In some states, it could hit a little bit lower than this cost.

How much does an emission problem repair cost?

While there is no exact number to put on a repair like this that varies so much, it could be a simple repair like an oxygen sensor replacement. This cost would typically be around 100 dollars. A more costly repair would be for a catalytic converter issue, which costs around 1,000 dollars to repair. Repair costs like this will also vary depending on what make and model of vehicle you have. Get a diagnostic and repair estimate by a trusted mechanic to get the best estimate. They will be able to test for any issues with your engine and give you all the details to get your car back into great shape.

Get an emissions system diagnostic/repair.

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