Just like we need water and food to run, our cars need oil to run properly as well! Giving your engine new oil will change the way your car drives. It will do better on the road and keep your engine in great shape. In this article we will talk about all the ways to change your oil right and when to do so. Keeping a tab on your oil will do wonders for your car and prevent unexpected repairs or damage. We will also share how much it costs and the amount of oil that you need for your vehicle.

Why does my car need new engine oil?

Your car will not run efficiently and the way you want without the correct amount of engine oil. Normally, a car will need a proper engine oil change every 5,000 miles. When you get an engine oil change, you maintain engine lubrication and cools the engine components. Without proper lubrication, friction and heat will be the result. This can cause overheating which is not fun at all! New oil also helps with your gas mileage and promotes the longevity of your vehicle. Lastly, new oil can help to remove all engine wear.

How much engine oil do you need?

The amount of engine oil all has to do with what type of vehicle you have. Check your owner’s manual for correct details and instructions. We do suggest going into your local automotive repair shop for the best results. Make a quick appointment or call into your local mechanic to ask for any advice and more details for your specific car. Some steps involved in the process that your mechanic will do is unscrew the cap, then check the dipstick to see how much oil you need, and then add the oil to the reservoir.

How much does an oil change cost?

A basic oil change will cost around 45 dollars each. This is not a bad price, especially because you only need an engine oil change around every 5,000 miles. If you have a larger car, it may cost around 50 dollars each time. If you live in the Central Ohio area and want a great deal, we have oil change coupons right here: https://harrisautomotiverepair.com/coupons/. Check out all our deals online for the best price cuts and for new customers.

We hope these three tips have helped you get an idea of how important your regular oil change is. If you do these simple oil change steps, you will avoid unwanted damage or repairs. If you need more help, contact your local mechanic for the best advice. Find someone you can trust to talk to about all your car needs and repairs. Contact us at Harris Automotive today if you want to talk to us! We are here for all your car repair services and needs. Our team is one of the best around and full of mechanics you can trust and rely on.