Once your new vehicle hits the 50K mark in miles, there are some basic maintenance things to check off your list! Even though your car is still a baby at this early mileage stage, preventative care will keep your vehicle running in top shape. “What do miles matter anyway?” you may be asking. The more miles, the more wear and tear your car goes through. Manufacturers specifically point out how crucial it is to get serviced after the first 50K miles. It is completely natural for a car to come up with minor issues after thousands of miles. The overall health and condition are ultimately up to you and how frequently you take care of it. From oil changes to spark plug replacements and everything in between, maintain the luxury of your new car with these easy steps to car care for your first 50K miles.

Check the Health of Your Tires.

Many times, the tires that come with your new vehicle are basic or worn, depending on what type of vehicle and buyer you received it from. Do a double-check of your tires’ air pressure, and check for wear and tear. If you have any concerns, get your tread checked by your local mechanic as well. Most times, you can feel as you drive if something is up with your tires. If your steering wheel pulls more to one side a lot, this is a sure sign that you need your tires checked.

Replace Your Fuel Filter.

Changing your fuel filter every 50K miles will prevent any unnecessary repairs needed for your fuel pump. Your fuel pump could fail if you drive on low fuel often, so make sure to avoid this as well. Signs that your fuel filter could be bad are a lack of engine power or engine misfiring. Take it into your local car repair shop if either of these major signs takes place! Keep your fuel full and your fuel filter replaced to maintain your new car.

Get an Oil Change.

This is an easy one to do! If you haven’t been keeping up on your oil changes, do it as soon as possible. Getting a regular oil change is a game-changer to the overall health of your vehicle, no matter how old it is. Never skip an oil change as it keeps your engine going and your car running well. An oil change removes old, unwanted oil that could contaminate your engine. Fresh oil will lubricate your engine and absorb any heat.

Get New Spark Plugs.

When do you need new spark plugs for your vehicle? Some mechanics say every 30K miles, and some say around 50K miles. We suggest just sticking to getting them replaced at least every 50K miles! We also suggest checking your specific car manual to see the recommended number of miles for your car. If your engine is acting up with signs like skipping or when idling, it’s time to get the spark plugs replaced.

Check Your Car Battery.

Lastly, check your car battery every 50K miles! Very extreme temperatures, long periods of time on the road at once, and wear all affect the battery. Many batteries will last up to five years, depending on how often you drive. Some signs that you need your battery replaced are the battery light goes on or it takes a bit for your car to start up!


We hope all of these tips to do after 50K miles have given you an idea of what to do with your new vehicle! Ensure the safety and health of your new car with these easy maintenance tips. Preventative car care will save you lots of unwanted time in the car repair shop and give you more time on the road! If you live in Central Ohio, stop by one of our Harris Automotive repair shops to get a rundown of what your new vehicle needs to stay up-to-date. Our team is here to help you run smoothly on the road!