What is a car without good brakes? Not safe. Keep safety and reliability your top priority with quality brakes and excellent brake maintenance. We at Harris Automotive know what it takes to keep a car up to date with the latest car maintenance care. Here are five easy car care tips to make your car brakes last as long as possible while driving in safety and with peace of mind. We always point out to take care of your car now so you save both time and dodge unwanted and costly car repairs later. A good brake check inspection will show you where your car’s brakes are at and where they should be.

1. Get a brake check/inspection

If it’s been a bit since your last brake check, find a reliable mechanic to look at your brakes thoroughly. Most of the time, you will notice if something is off with your brakes. What does a brake check inspection look like, you may wonder? To ensure the safety of your vehicle, the mechanic will inspect your entire brake system including the brake pedal, fluid, lines, hoses, and brake assemblies. Typically, a full brake inspection like this will cost you around $80 to $100. Talk to your local mechanic to see if you can get a simpler inspection done.

2. Don’t Ignore the little signs

If you have even the smallest of signs of bad brakes, don’t hesitate to check on it right away. This will save you from risking your safety and saving your wallet. Some smaller signs that point to a bigger brake issue are squealing, low brake fluid, the pedal feels soft, longer stopping distances, or vehicle pulling. Other bigger signs are brake locking, pulsation, excessive pedal travel, or grinding noise. Get into your local automotive shop today if any of these signs resonate with you and what’s happening with your vehicle!

3. Use Your Brakes Correctly

While this tip may seem obvious, there are always driving tips that everyone can learn from! Some ways to start preserving the life of your brakes is to slow down ahead of time. Instead of braking quickly before a stop, take the time to intentionally and smoothly land on your brake pedal. Even use the three-second rule: pick a stationary item ahead and count to three. If you pass the object before getting to three, you know next time to slow down a little quicker.

4. Get new brakes!

If you have gone through a full brake check inspection with the professionals and your brakes are not up to par with what is safe, make sure to get new brakes right away. If your still unsure what to do, your local mechanic can tell you whether you need a repair or replacement and what the cost differences are. Brake replacements are not cheap, so make sure to explore your price options. But it’s always better to be safe than sorry on the road. You will not regret investing in new brakes!

5. Find a trustworthy automotive repair shop

Our last brake check tip is to find one of the best automotive repair shops in your area. When you find trusted mechanics, it is a game-changer. You can rely on and trust our team of mechanics here at Harris Automotive repair in Central Ohio! If you live in this area, please come by to chat with our team. Our team would love to give you car pointers and repair advice. We are not out to overcharge you but truly want to build lasting customer relationships with everyone we meet.