Want to make sure your car is working great this summer for a quick cooling process? Or do you have problems in your car cooling system with your water pump or radiator? Here are ways to beat the heat with these summer car tips for your car’s cooling system! For top quality care, follow these simple steps to take care of your car radiator, coolant, hoses, heater core, and water pump. Your cooling system is an intricate part of your vehicle that holds a significant role in how your car runs. Want the best working air conditioning this summer? The first step: start upgrading your cooling system!

Take Care of Your Water Pump.

The water pump’s main role in your vehicle is to help the coolant flow from the radiator to your engine correctly and smoothly. If something is up with your water pump, it most likely makes this whole process slower and in some cases not work at all. Engine failure can occur when your water pump is not working the way it’s designed to, keeping the correct temperature of your cooling system. So how do you take care of your water pump anyway? Well, you usually don’t need to constantly look at it unless you have had signs of a failing water pump. Signs that you need to check your water pump looked at are your car has coolant leaks, rust starts to form, or your engine is overheating. Other signs could be your water pump is loose and makes whining sounds or steam starts to come from your engine.

Check Your Car Radiator.

Your car radiator is one of the most important components of the health of your car cooling system. Without one, your cooling system would fail miserably. The radiator core of your car has little tubes that the car coolant passes through so your car can cool down. A plugged radiator or bad radiator can completely ruin your entire engine and cooling system. Get a professional mechanic or automotive repair shop to check your radiator if you suspect any unfamiliar behaviors from your cooling system. It could be due to your radiator!

Belts & Hoses.

If your car cooling system is not working properly, check for cracks in your car’s belts and hoses. The serpentine belt is the main belt that functions inside your car cooling system. It’s a pulley system that’s turned by this serpentine belt that circulates the water pump to cool down your car. If this is not working properly, it could cause major issues. Check with your local mechanic to repair or replace your belts and hoses completely. Also, make sure that the hoses are locked in tight and they have the proper amount of tension.

Make Sure Your Heater Core Is Working.

Your car heater core is a part of your cooling system which the coolant runs through. If your cooling system is having issues, check this part to see if it’s leaking coolant at all! Also, check for rust in this heater core area and have your mechanic do a pressure test. Some signs that your heater core isn’t working properly could be a coolant leak under your dashboard, your engine is running hot, or you smell coolant inside your vehicle. Check out our other blog, What Causes a Bad Heater Core?for more details about how your heater core works and signs your heater core needs repaired!

Top off the Coolant.

Our last tip to keep your cooling system up-to-date and running well is to check your coolant levels! Your radiator needs the proper amount of coolant to run well each day. Check if your radiator’s coolant level is up to the full line, and if not, top it off. Add a 50/50 mix of coolant and water if your coolant is not premixed. Make sure to check this BEFORE adding it in. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this, visit your local automotive repair shop for the best auto care.

These are some simple steps to take toward repairing or updating your cooling system this summer. If you have any questions about your coolant or cooling system, feel free to reach out to us at Harris Automotive. Stop by our Westerville or Blacklick, Ohio, location today to talk to one of our mechanics. We have expertise and experience working on lots of vehicles and can give you some great advice. Drive safe this summer with the best working cooling system by following these steps. We believe these preventive care steps will save you both time and money!