Making it to 200K would have been nearly impossible years ago! With all the new car technology and improvements in preventative maintenance care, it is more than possible to go past 200K with no big issues. That is if you take careful care of your vehicle and pay attention to anything irregular that comes up! The next time you buy a vehicle, think about the reliability of it over its good looks. In order for it to last, be diligent about maintaining it with proper car care and oil changes. Also, try not to cheap out on any new parts if possible! These three steps will make your car last for miles and years to come. You will save all the costly repairs by keeping track of your vehicle and taking good care of it.

Step One: Buy a Reliable Vehicle

Try not to rush the first and most important step, buying the right car! Do your research, and get a good idea of what models and makes have been most reliable for car buyers. Look up reviews online, and look at consumer reports for how long their cars lasted. One of the best things to do is to find people you know and trust and ask them what cars have lasted for them. Sometimes you don’t know until you talk to a trusted friend or family member. Take your time, and test-drive vehicles as well. You’ve got this!

Step Two: Be Diligent with Your Maintenance Checks

This second step is unavoidable and inconvenient at times but SO worth the investment. Ultimately, the kind of maintenance you do on your new vehicle will affect how long it lasts and how many miles you can get out of it. If you haven’t already, create a monthly checklist to go over anything and everything you need to do for the health of your vehicle. As you know, oil changes are a game-changer to the health of your vehicle. Don’t skip out on this one. Things like your tires, brakes, engine light, and fluids all should be checked regularly and maintained as frequently as possible. Save yourself from a repair due to procrastination! No one likes hefty repairs and inconveniences like this. But also, don’t overdo maintenance either. Talk to your local mechanic for tips and tricks on how much maintenance is really needed.

Step Three: Don’t Cheap Out on Anything

If you’re on a tight budget, this step can be a challenge. If you’re in need of new oil, new tires, or new auto parts, try and get the most suitable and best quality out there. Make sure that the parts you get are up to par with your manufacturer’s specifications. Find a good mechanic to help you with this step! If you live in the Central Ohio area, come into our automotive repair shop today! We are here to help you find the best parts for your vehicle to last for years to come.

We hope these tips and steps have given you a new goal of keeping your car up-to-date and maintained well. With diligence and persistence, your vehicle can definitely make it to 200K in top shape.