What is the main purpose of your car’s exhaust, and why is it so important anyway? Your car exhaust keeps your car running efficiently on the road, and it’s a lot more significant than you may think! Many people don’t know this until a key component of their exhaust system malfunctions. These kinds of malfunctions can not only be costly but costly to our environment. We wanted to give you a heads up about how to take care of your exhaust through preventative car maintenance and how it functions. Here are all the signs that something specific is wrong with your exhaust as well.

What makes up your exhaust system?

The exhaust system is made up of key components like your muffler, heat shields, gaskets, catalytic converter, exhaust hangers, and more. All of these vital parts help direct gas from your car engine to the back of your vehicle. It reduces noise as well as emissions. Physically, your exhaust looks like piping that helps get out all the extra gasses from inside your car’s system. This keeps you and your car safe on the road!

Signs it may need repaired

Signs that something may be going wrong with your car’s exhaust is low fuel efficiency, your car is shaking a ton, or you’re experiencing loud noises coming from your vehicle. Another obvious sign is a cloud of smoke coming from the back of your vehicle. If any of these signs have occurred, make sure to get your exhaust repaired right away. Also, make it a point to let your mechanic know what is happening in detail and what signs caused you to come to this conclusion. The more specific you are with what’s happening with your vehicle, the faster and better they can repair it!

How much does it cost to repair?

Typically, a car exhaust repair can be a bit pricey! With the price of labor and then the exhaust repair itself, it can cost at least a couple hundred dollars. If a more complicated repair or replacement is needed, it can easily be in the higher hundreds price range. If you don’t already, try to get a regular car maintenance check to prevent these costly repairs. But sometimes we cannot prevent things like this from happening, even with checks. We suggest creating an emergency automotive repair fund for yourself. This will give you some comfort knowing you saved just in case something unexpected comes up!

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