Your vehicle’s shocks and struts are key components of the suspension system. Their condition has a great impact on how safe you are on the road. We wanted to highlight how your shocks and struts work, the right time to replace them, signs you need a repair/replacement, and how expensive they are. Staying aware of what to look out for will give you a better chance of catching a minor problem now instead of a major issue later! Here is everything you need to know about your shocks and struts that will make you more confident on the road as well. Let’s dive in!

How your shocks and struts work

Your car has a specific pair of shocks or struts that work together to help the suspension system of your vehicle. You have either shocks or struts, but they both serve the same purpose in your vehicle. The struts are used as an articulation point in the suspension whereas the shocks are not. If your vehicle does not have an upper control arm, the struts can be used like this to support your vehicle. Shocks are used if you have an upper and lower control arm. Read your vehicle’s owner’s manual to see what exactly your vehicle uses for its suspension system or ask your local mechanic for more info or advice.

Signs you need shocks and struts repaired/replaced

You will know when something is up with your struts and shocks. The suspension system keeps you in control of the road and is a huge part of your overall road safety. Some subtle signs that your struts and shocks need to be looked at are your car’s ride is shaky or harsh, the steering is stiff, or there are lots of bouncing after hitting a bump in the road. Major signs that you need a repair are fluid leaks from your struts, struts or shocks are damaged, there is uneven tire wear, or if your vehicle sways on turns.

Shock and strut repair/replacement costs

SO… you may be wondering how much does it cost. While we can’t give you an exact number, here are some of our price estimations. The normal replacement time of struts and shocks are around every 50,000 miles. Strut replacements can be up in the high hundreds and shocks only in the low hundreds. It all really depends on your type of vehicle. The cost of a simple repair, on the other hand, depends solely on how severe the issue is. A professional mechanic will diagnose the problem at any local repair shop. They will give you the best estimate as well!

Our shock and strut services at Harris

We at Harris Automotive have full car repair services, including shock and strut repairs! Contact us today if this is an issue going on with your vehicle or if you even have the slightest thought about it. We will assure you of what’s wrong with your vehicle and what can be done to get you back on the road with confidence. It’s so important to feel safe at all times on the road and not be worried about car problems. Don’t hesitate to talk to one of our mechanics over the phone about your questions and concerns. With our team, stay informed and reassured to get back on the road smoothly.

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