Are you a student going back to college this fall? Congrats on your new awaited adventure and for going after your dreams! We all know how stressful finding a part-time job, getting the right dorm, and finding roommates can be. Here is an easy-to-do list to prepare your car for the drive back to school. These simple steps will make sure you get around campus easily and with no embarrassing car problems. Enjoy the fullness of your school year with an assurance that you and your car are prepared.

1.Top off your fluids.

Step one for you student drivers is: make sure to top off all your car fluids. First, check your window washer fluid, which is easy to do yourself. Other fluids to double-check are the engine oil, transmission oil, brake oils, and coolants. Visit your local automotive repair shop to get these checked and topped off correctly and quickly! Check the date of your last oil change to make sure you’re up for a new one.

2. Get your brakes checked.

This step is vital to you and any student driving with you this school year. Get a thorough brake inspection done to make sure you are not in need of a full replacement or repair. Many times, you will just need new brake pads, which can make your brakes squeak if not replaced soon. Do it as soon as you can, or further damage can be done to your brakes. Don’t skip this safety check before you leave!

3. Keep your battery charged.

Next check, your car battery! If you want to avoid your car not starting, make sure to keep an eye on your battery. Signs that you may want to get it checked are that your car is moving sluggishly or maybe your lights on the dash are acting up. If you’re not sure at all and just want peace of mind when leaving for school, have a full car diagnostic. Leave it up to the professionals to make sure everything is where it should be.

4. Check all your tires.

Want to save this year on gas? When you have the correct amount of air in your tires, it will prevent you from wasting money due to improper tire pressure. Check your tire pressure monthly at your local gas station, or if you want professional help, stop at your local auto repair shop. They will also be able to see all the wear and tear on your tires and give you advice on how to prolong them.

5. Gather together a car emergency kit.

You never know what situation you will find yourself in this school year. Be prepared by gathering together a car emergency kit. We think not only every student should have this, but also every driver in the world! This is where you will gather things that you will need in an emergency breakdown like batteries, gas, blankets, and more. Check out our blog about how to gather a summer emergency car kit here:

6. Find a reliable automotive repair shop.

This is the last and very important step to your car’s health while at school! As a student, you want to make sure to keep your car in top shape to increase its longevity. Find a trustworthy mechanic who can help you with unexpected repairs and replacements. If you live in the Central Ohio area, we at Harris Automotive keep our customers’ satisfaction is our top priority! If you don’t know of any trusted mechanics where you are going to school, check online reviews or talk to someone from the area. Do your research and you won’t be disappointed!