safe cars

13 Apr Top 7 car safety features

What are considered safe cars today? Safe cars don’t entirely have to do with how small or big they are, but more with how they’re built and what kind of safety features are available. Purchasing a car with great safety features is a must the...

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spring break 2019

29 Mar Get your vehicle spring break ready!

Are you planning a trip with the family this spring break 2019?! Here are some things you may not have thought to check before driving off to your spring break 2019 destination with the fam. These tips will help you not only have a fun...

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spring cleaning

22 Mar Spring cleaning for your car!

Happy first day of SPRING! Can you believe spring is already here?! No more shoveling snow or ice off of your vehicle and freezing in your car while it heats up. Here in Ohio, we are ready for some warmer weather, and so are our...

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bad heater core

17 Mar What causes a bad heater core?

What is a heater core, and how does it go bad? And what kind of signs show that your vehicle’s heater core may be not working properly? Start preventative care now, so you don’t have to have a costly heater core repair down the road!...

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smart car

08 Mar Is a smart car for you?

Smart cars are very popular these days and take fuel efficiency and parking convenience to the next level. Other great benefits of owning a smart car are the great visibility factor when driving and the many environmental factors. Smart cars are definitely not for everyone...

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driving in snow

22 Feb The Best Way to Drive in the Snow!

This winter has been quite a snowy one here in Central Ohio! If you are frequently driving in snow where you live, listen up! Stay safe this winter by refreshing your knowledge on how to drive safely in the snow. Every driver needs to be...

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reliable auto repair

15 Feb Get trustworthy car repair service this year!

Looking for new car repair service here in Central Ohio? Our mechanics provide trustworthy and reliable auto repair services at Harris Automotive! We wanted to highlight our services with customer reviews below. Read what our customers say about us and the reliable auto services we...

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quality car care

08 Feb 6 winter tips for quality car care!

Now that winter is here, it’s best to try and avoid any breakdowns due to the grueling weather! No one wants to be that person on the side of the road in the snow. The more you take care of your vehicle today, the less...

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