Are you planning a trip with the family this spring break 2019?! Here are some things you may not have thought to check before driving off to your spring break 2019 destination with the fam. These tips will help you not only have a fun time but also a safe trip, with no breakdowns involved. Be prepared and ready for anything, and keep your family having fun the whole trip long.

-Get a maintenance check!

Bring out your car maintenance checklist! Make sure to go down your car maintenance checklist before heading off on your spring break 2019 vacation! This will bring things to your attention that you may have forgotten about or have been holding out on doing. Now is the perfect time to get any minor maintenance items checked and repaired.

-Take care of recurring repair issues!

If you have had any large recurring repair issues not resolved, do not wait until you’re back to fix them. Find the time to take your vehicle in for a repair for your big repair issues, and ask a mechanic if it is safe to take your vehicle on a trip. Always choose safety over convenience! Your family will thank you and feel a lot safer.

-Clean the interior and exterior!

While you are at it, give your car a good cleaning. Clean the inside with auto washing supplies, and get rid of unwanted dirt or dust. We all know that your spring break 2019 trip will dirty up your car, but start out fresh and clean so you only have to do minimal cleaning later.

Take a look at our recent blog here to learn more about spring cleaning for your vehicle: (INSERT)

-Check your brakes, tires, and lights!

Take a bit of time to check the major components of your vehicle that will be most used during spring break 2019 and every day! Make sure your brake pads are still doing well, that your tire pressure is on point, and your lights are working well. No one wants to be driving at night without good working lights! Avoid unwanted trips to the nearby auto repair shop on your vacation that will cost you more money and unwanted time.

-Pack an emergency car kit!

Lastly, be safe on the road with a car emergency kit. Not only will this bring you peace of mind, but also it will give you the tools to fix a flat, fix your battery, and so much more. If you don’t already have a kit, start building your own. Put in things like car battery cables, an extra blanket, tools for a flat, and anything else you think you may need. Ask your local auto repair shop for advice on what to bring for your vehicle if you need help!

Take a trip to our Harris Automotive shop before your spring break 2019!

Our car repair shops in Westerville and Blacklick, Ohio, are full-service car repair shops! If you need any small repair, like a simple oil change or tire rotation, we can do it! But we’re also here for your big car issues like brake issues, engine issues, alternator issues, or heater core issues. Visit us with any car questions you may have, and we will try our very best to come up with a solution and affordable price for you and your vehicle.

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