Happy first day of SPRING! Can you believe spring is already here?! No more shoveling snow or ice off of your vehicle and freezing in your car while it heats up. Here in Ohio, we are ready for some warmer weather, and so are our cars. Do you and your car a favor, and start thinking of ways to clean up your vehicle for the new season. Start fresh with these easy spring cleaning tips we have put together for your convenience!

-Get rid of those winter mats and clean the interior.

After the winter, the inside of your car could look like a bomb went off, especially if it was a rough winter with lots of salt and water! Or maybe your spring cleaning for your car is quite quick and simple. Either way, get the winter mats out, and put in the new, regular cloth mats. This will make your car interior feel like a whole new vehicle.

See if any mud, salt, or dust is on the dash, doors, windows, etc. Use a microfiber cloth and auto cleaners to safely clean the inside of your car. Spring cleaning the interior of your vehicle will give you peace and ease the next time you step inside!

-Give your paint job a little love.

Give your car a little love by checking the exterior paint job of your vehicle! Clean off salt so no rust or buildup can continue to build. The best thing you can do to keep your paint looking fresh and new is regularly washing it and waxing it!

-Don’t forget to check under your car.

Another step to the best car spring cleaning routine is looking under your vehicle! Drivers often forget to check under their car after the wintertime or any season at all! Be aware, and pay attention if there is any buildup under your car from the salt on the roads. Wash and clear it right away to prevent auto parts from getting drowned in unwanted buildup. While it seems like a small task, it will save you down the road from replacing auto parts that were not taken care of properly.

-Finally, inspect the condition of your car.

Our last spring cleaning tip for you is to do a quick overall check of both interior and exterior parts to see if they look clean and are in the right place. Make sure nothing is leaking, cracked, or rusted. If your vehicle needs a little TLC or you are not sure what things are supposed to look like, visit your local mechanic. Simply ask them to do a quick look as well. Most of the time, it’s best to get a second look, especially if your vehicle is still pretty new to you.

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