What are considered safe cars today? Safe cars don’t entirely have to do with how small or big they are, but more with how they’re built and what kind of safety features are available. Purchasing a car with great safety features is a must the next time you are on the hunt for a vehicle for you and your family! Here are the top seven car safety features that will make your car a lot safer and more reliable than the rest. You will be a lot safer if you can find a vehicle with the majority of these special safety features.

1. Automatic Emergency Braking

Many of the top-rated safe cars today have this great feature! The automatic emergency braking feature helps to prevent a collision by automatically turning on the brake if something is close. This allows you to be extra safe on the road. With this new car feature, statistics show from IIHS data, that rear-end collisions have gone down by 50 percent with these specific safe cars!

2. Rear-view Camera Feature

This new car feature is becoming normal now for many cars! Having a camera while you back up in a parking lot is so useful for your safety. The National Safety Council found that one in five accidents happens in a parking lot. Therefore, this car safety feature could not be more important!

3. Safety Exit Assist

Want more car safety for you kids?! If you are parents of young kids, this safety feature is very helpful for your kids’ safety! Safety exit assist helps keep your kids from opening the back door of your vehicle when other cars or bikes are approaching from behind! This amazing feature helps prevent unwanted accidents and keeps your little ones safe and sound.

4. Lane Keep

We all have had that close call when accidently shifting to another lane. This lane keep special safety feature will prevent your car from being in any unwanted lanes while driving. If your car starts to drift into another lane, the lane keep will correct it and automatically steer your vehicle back into its correct lane. This is super helpful and safe!

5. Lane Departure Warning

This car safety feature is a little bit different than the lane keep! This one keeps you in your lane as well, but will actually alert you with a warning sound or buzzes your seat. This sound or buzzing keeps you present and aware that you are unintentionally shifting to another lane.

6. Blind Spot Detection System

Navigating with your blind spots while driving can be the worst, especially when merging onto a really busy highway! This blind spot system will detect any approaching vehicles coming from the side. It usually will use blinking lights in your mirror to detect it for you. Detecting vehicles in your blind spots can literally be a lifesaver at times!

7. Adaptive Headlights

Last but not least, is the adaptive headlights car safety feature! Safe cars have the best lighting system! This kind of updated lighting system actually improves visibility on the road through every season. The sensors detect steering changes and signal electric motors to turn on your headlights. This cool feature makes for a much safer car experience during the nighttime. This is also great for foggy days and during the wintertime!

This overview of the top seven car safety features will make you think the next time you go to look for a vehicle! If you truly want safe cars for you and your family, try to get as many of these features mentioned above as you can. We know it can get pricey the more of these you have, but having any of these will make your car a lot safer on the road! You may be able to get some of these safety car features installed on your existing vehicle, depending on what vehicle you own.

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