Having issues with your vehicle again? We all know how much work it can be to take your car in to the shop after having multiple car issues. Make it easier on yourself and your mechanic by being prepared and clearly communicating your needs! Here are five ways to have the best overall experience with your mechanic the next time you stop into your local automotive repair shop. This will save you time and money and cause less stress in an already stressful car situation!

1.Know what’s happening with your vehicle.

You may not have an idea of what’s wrong with your vehicle yet, but you can sure be prepared by knowing what issues are coming up while driving. Make it easier for you and your mechanic to communicate by knowing what these issues are right away so they can bring a solution. If your steering wheel is shaking, at what mph do you experience it? Or where do you hear the noise coming from when driving? These are simple things to find out and come prepared with!

2. Be available for your mechanic!

Be flexible and available for your mechanic! Don’t forget to leave a number for your mechanic to get ahold of you quickly when the repair is complete. There may be times where the mechanic needs to talk to you about a specific payment or upgrade. So, it’s important not to forget this step. The mechanic should remind you when you go!

3. Clean your car before bringing it in.

This one may seem not as important as the others, but it is! For the mechanic to be able to be proficient and quickly repair your vehicle, making sure everything is neat is quite the help. Cleaning your vehicle before coming in is simply common courtesy as well. Get your car back in a timely manner by making sure NOT to skip this step!

4. Listen to your mechanic carefully!

Make sure to pay full attention to your mechanic when they are diagnosing your car and talking about prices. Don’t tune out when they start talking in technical car terms. Simply ask questions to be able to understand more clearly and know what they are doing to your car. This will help you with future repairs as well. The more intentionally you listen, the better you will do when your next car repair comes up!

5. Have patience with your repair.

I know this one can be hard, especially if you need your car back ASAP! Be flexible with when you pick up or drop off your vehicle, as there are many cars needing repairs all day. If you can plan ahead to drop off your car at a less busy time, try to do so! This will be to your advantage by getting you in and out as quickly as possible. Find out what times and days are less busy to get in at the right place at the right time.

We hope these five tips have helped you think about the smoothest way to work with your mechanic! Be prepared the next time you need to go and talk to a mechanic for your car repair. We at Harris Automotive have a team of mechanics that is here to help you along the way. We know car repairs can be time-consuming and stressful at times.

Come by our shop in Westerville or Blacklick, Ohio, to talk more with us! Our team can help diagnose your car and give you all the solutions to help you get your car back up and running well!

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