car budget

31 Jan How to Save on Repairs with a Car Budget

A car payment is already a lot of money to pay every month, along with insurance, car maintenance, and gas. If you are wanting to save money on car repairs/maintenance in your car budget, then keep reading! We want to give you some easy to...

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your mechanic

24 Jan Why You May Need a New Car Mechanic!

While buying a car is a huge investment, keeping it maintained and like new can be just as much of an investment. It’s so important to find the right automotive repair shop with honest mechanics for you and your car. There are so many great...

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18 Jan Do I Need New Brakes?

Your car’s brake health is essential to the health of your vehicle and you and your passengers’ safety. Don’t hesitate if you need to be more aware of how they are feeling and if any red flags come up! We want to highlight some of...

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2020 car

14 Jan Top Q & A’s about Car Repair!

Taking care of your 2020 car goals can be a breeze when all your car repair questions are resolved. Sometimes, the simplest answer from a professional mechanic can make you feel at ease. We want to try and answer some of the top questions of...

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new year

31 Dec Upgrade Your Car Goals This Year

This year of 2019 was a great one, full of surprises and growth. Make this new year of 2020 even better by upgrading your car goals. “What are car goals?” you may ask. Car goals can be anything to improve the quality and functionality of...

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20 Dec 4 Driving Tips to Save This Christmas!

The most wonderful time of the year is here, the magical Christmas season. That means lots of presents for the family and even more time on the road. While we love the spirit of Christmas and the joy it brings, spending more money during this...

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27 Nov Travel Tips for Your Thanksgiving Trip!

Are you traveling this week to visit your friends or loved ones? Whether you are traveling near or far, your car could always use some Thanksgiving love as well! According to a report by AAA (, more than 54 million Americans will journey more than...

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car repairs

16 Nov 5 Things Every Car Owner Should Know

Staying up-to-date with your car maintenance and car repairs can be overwhelming at times. We wanted to make the car ownership process just a little easier for you with these five tips for every car owner. Owning a car does not have to be a...

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