Is your loved one dreaming of way more than a white Christmas this year? A brand-new car is a great gift to give and one you want to try to get the best deal on. If you are interested in buying a car for someone this Christmas, December is the month to do it. With the cold temperatures and holidays, fewer people are prone to buying a car, making it cheaper for you to buy. Here are reasons why you will get the most out of your buck when buying a car this month!

-Car Dealerships Clear Out

Did you know that dealerships try to clear out their inventory toward the end of the year? Both dealers and car manufacturers are actually trying to clear out their remaining cars during the month of December. To bring in the new year, they will give greater discounts during the Christmas season and New Year’s! This is one of the perks of waiting until this month to get your spouse, kid, or mom a car. You will get the most out of your buck, and your experience will be a lot more enjoyable with smaller crowds and shorter lines.

-December Bonuses

Many people get amazing Christmas bonuses during the month of December! This includes many car salesmen and especially toward the end of the year. Many have a goal they want to hit and a number of cars they have needed to sell to get a bonus. So many times, you can talk down the price with a car salesman a lot easier during this season to get a great end of the year deal. Use this to your advantage while going out car shopping!

-Vehicles Are Discontinued

Another fact you may not know about buying a car in December is that many dealerships are getting rid of discontinued models. This lowers the prices down a bit and gives you a better deal since these dealerships are trying to get all of these kinds of vehicles off their hands to bring in new cars. These can be some of the best priced cars during the year and give you a lot for your buck this Christmas. Next time you’re at a dealership, try looking for discontinued models or do your research beforehand as well.

We hope this blog has helped you take in the great perk to purchasing a vehicle for that special someone this December. It will definitely be worth it to try and aim at getting a new car this month and will save you lots of money. Once you buy a vehicle, don’t forget to take it in for a regular car maintenance check, oil change, tire rotation, etc. We at Harris Automotive are here for all of you who live in the Central Ohio area. We would love to be your local auto repair shop to regularly take care of your family’s vehicles. Our team is one you can trust to keep your car safe on the road all year long. Happy Holidays!