18 Jan Do I Need New Brakes?

Your car’s brake health is essential to the health of your vehicle and you and your passengers’ safety. Don’t hesitate if you need to be more aware of how they are feeling and if any red flags come up! We want to highlight some of the most common ways your brakes could be telling you they need looked at or replaced. Some signs are clearer than others, but to be safe, we recommend taking your car in if any of these signs ring true to you and your car’s brakes. Let’s get into the top five signs your car may be in need of new brakes or simply a repair.

1. Pulling

The first sign we want to point out is if your brakes are experiencing any sense of pulling when you press on them. If you notice your car pulling to one side more than the other, it could be that the lining in your brakes is wearing unevenly. It could be due to your brake fluid, and you’re simply in need of new fluid and not brand-new brakes. If this is the case, having your brake fluid replaced is a simple repair with a very low cost to it. The cost will vary depending on what type of vehicle you own.

2. Grinding Noise

This sign is definitely not hard to detect; it is very disturbing to hear when driving. If you hear that metallic grinding noise when you brake, your brake pads are in need of replacement. You will want to go to your local auto repair shop right away to stop what is causing the metal to touch, so it won’t break down even more. Since you have already ground through your brake pads, further damage could have been done. That’s why it’s so important to keep a regular check on your brake pads and to go into the shop as soon as your first sign shows up.

3. Experiencing Vibration

Another sign that you are possibly in need of new brakes or a brake repair is vibration. What do we mean by vibration exactly? If you put your foot on the brake pedal and it vibrates rapidly, your rotors may be warped in some way. This was most likely caused by intense braking for a long period of time. To avoid further damage or even an unexpected collision due to your brakes, get them checked out right away.

4. Delays in Stopping

This is an easy sign that your car brakes need an upgrade. A delay in stopping is so dangerous for you and the other vehicles around you on the road. It’s also called a brake fade. Your brakes may be overused and in need of a repair due to overheating and wear. This can be due to driving up hills or if you are very hard on your brakes while driving. To avoid accidents due to delayed stopping, get to your car repair shop right away for a repair or replacement.

5. A Clicking Sound

The last sign we want to talk about is if you hear a clicking sound when driving on the road. Many times, car brakes are held in place by a special holding device. Its purpose is to help your brakes stay in place and not wobble around while driving. If this is the case for your car, your brakes could simply be making a clicking noise because they’re loose inside of the holding device. To make sure that’s the case, check with your professional mechanic!

Car brakes are vital to the overall health of your vehicle and so important to maintain. Read more of our blogs in the blog tab above to not only learn about how to take care of your brakes but also for other tips and tricks to car health.