driving in snow

22 Feb The Best Way to Drive in the Snow!

This winter has been quite a snowy one here in Central Ohio! If you are frequently driving in snow where you live, listen up! Stay safe this winter by refreshing your knowledge on how to drive safely in the snow. Every driver needs to be...

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reliable auto repair

15 Feb Get trustworthy car repair service this year!

Looking for new car repair service here in Central Ohio? Our mechanics provide trustworthy and reliable auto repair services at Harris Automotive! We wanted to highlight our services with customer reviews below. Read what our customers say about us and the reliable auto services we...

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quality car care

08 Feb 6 winter tips for quality car care!

Now that winter is here, it’s best to try and avoid any breakdowns due to the grueling weather! No one wants to be that person on the side of the road in the snow. The more you take care of your vehicle today, the less...

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01 Feb How to store your car in the wintertime!

Are you storing your vehicle for the wintertime? Maybe you have an extra vehicle that is not winter proofed yet, like your Jeep or beautiful convertible Mustang! What do you do with it to winterize it this winter season? Here are all of the steps...

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brake system

18 Jan Do I need a Brake System Repair?

The brake system of your car is the most important system in your vehicle! You will have no way of stopping your vehicle safely without it. This is the one repair you don’t want to put off and need to get it up and running...

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auto tune up

12 Jan Seven Car Maintenance Mistakes

We all know how hard it is to keep up with every car maintenance check, especially with a busy work and school schedule! But if you want to keep your car in the best possible condition all year long, it will take time and diligence...

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new year goals

27 Dec New Year, New Car Goals!

Have you thought about updating your vehicle as one of your new year goals? Or maybe you want to finally start taking better care of the interior?! If you are looking to prolong the life of your vehicle, it’s a great idea to start taking...

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driving tips

21 Dec 7 Money-saving Driving Tips!

Christmas time is in full swing, and with that comes lots of gift giving! We all love to give, but we also don’t have endless amounts of money to spend. So why not try to save money in other ways, so you are not completely...

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