If you are looking to preserve the performance and life of your vehicle, a fuel injection service is for you! The great thing about this tune-up is that it cleans all the buildup on your fuel injectors and flushes out your fuel system. In this blog, we will be talking all about this and more about why your car may need a fuel injection diagnosis/repair. There are different types of these services we will discuss as well as many great benefits to this service. Our team at Harris Automotive Repair provides this service to your vehicle with the best mechanics to make sure your vehicle performs well on the road!

What is a fuel injection repair?

As mentioned, a fuel injection repair is meant to clean out all the buildup on your fuel injectors and flush out your entire fuel system. If you don’t know what your fuel injectors are, they’re the parts that deliver fuel to the engine’s combustion chamber. Signs that your whole system could be off is your car is stalling or having difficulty starting. It may be due to the combustion chamber not getting the correct mixture of fuel and air.

The different types of fuel injection systems

There are two types of fuel injection systems that are in two of the most common engine types on the market today. Your vehicle may have either a direct or indirect type of fuel system. A direct system is where the engine requires the fuel to be sprayed directly into the combustion chamber. This type self-ignites. An indirect system is where the car runs on petrol, and pressurized fuel gets to the engine from the car’s fuel tank. The air and fuel are mixed before they are pushed into the combustion chamber. Both types of systems work great if correctly maintained and repaired.

Benefits of a fuel injection service

A good fuel injection service will restore your car to its initial state of response and handling. Make sure that you get your entire engine system checked as it could have to do with other things besides your combustion. We recommend getting this type of service every two years or every 60,000 miles. There may be different suggestions, depending on who you talk to. If you’re having issues beforehand, take your car into your local automotive repair shop sooner. After your car gets a fuel injection repair, you will feel the difference right away when driving. It will drive with new vigor and smoothness. It will keep your engine healthy and long-lasting.

We hope this blog gave you a good insight into why a fuel injection diagnosis/repair is good and needed for every vehicle. Find a mechanic you can trust and set up a regular two-year checkup for your fuel system. This way, you will never forget and can have a reminder. The more maintenance you put into your vehicle now, the longer it will last you. Take care of your vehicle, and it will take care of you on the road. If you live in the Central Ohio area, find our Harris Automotive Repair shops in Westerville or Blacklick today!