car alignment

15 Jun What causes car alignment issues?

Wonder why your car is veering left when you are driving straight!? Sooner or later, you will face this wheel alignment problem when driving your vehicle on the road. So how do you fix your car alignment and what causes this? These may be all...

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summer car

07 Jun Get your car ready for summer!

Summer is almost here, and we want to give you all the summer car tips you need to take on the heat! Get your car ready by bringing your vehicle in to your local automotive repair shop. These are all the things you will want...

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car noises

25 May 5 Car noises you do not want to ignore!

Once you have driven your vehicle for a while, it is normal to notice when something sounds off or abnormal. Some car noises require immediate action, and you will want to get your car repaired right away. So how do you know if you’re really...

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new brake pads

17 May All about your brake pads and rotors!

Ever wonder what’s important about your brake pads and rotors on your vehicle and how to keep up with them? Well, keep reading if so! Your brake pads and rotors could not be more important to the health of your brakes! Maintaining effective brake pads...

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car problems

20 Apr Top Five Most Common Car Problems!

No matter how new or nice your car is when you get it, problems will naturally arise at some point. Car issues are not fun, especially when they drain your bank account! Here are some of the most common car problems that drivers face today...

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