Ever wonder how much money the average car costs to maintain and repair? Here is a quick look! Car maintenance and repairs are some of the top expenses for a family in America, other than housing costs. Many vehicles do require more car costs than others to keep them running well, however. Here is a look at some of the least expensive cars and some of the most expensive cars to maintain and repair!

First, the most expensive maintenance car costs:

Usually, the higher the price of your vehicle, the higher the repair and maintenance costs will be! Here are some of the top, most luxurious types of cars to maintain (according to YourMechanic.com).

  1. BMWs (The 328i costs $1,560 a year to maintain and keep running well on the road.)
  2. Mercedes-Benz (The E350 costs $1,470 a year to maintain.)

Mercedes are a status car for a reason. They are some of the best cars of luxury and performance, but      they do have high car costs when trying to maintain!

  1. Dodge Ram (The Ram 1500 costs around $1,330 a year to maintain.)
  2. Cadillac (A Cadillac costs around $1,250 a year to maintain, depending on the model.)
  3. Volvo (A Volvo costs around $1,250 a year to maintain, depending on the model.)

This gives you an idea that the more you pay for a car, the more maintenance or repair costs go up because of the quality. Out of all of them, BMWs and Mercedes are the most expensive to maintain for over 10 years.

Now, the least expensive maintenance car costs:

If you’re looking for a new car on a budget or just want to save yearly on your car costs, here are some of the top five most reasonable car maintenance costs!

  1. Toyota Prius (This small, compact car costs around only $430 a year.)
  2. Kia Soul (The Soul costs around $470 a year to maintain!)
  3. Toyota Camry (This classic car only costs around $520 a year to maintain.)
  4. Honda Fit (If you are a Honda lover, this one only costs around $550 a year to maintain.)
  5. Toyota Tacoma (This classic truck usually costs around $580 a year to maintain.)

Mind you, these prices are just estimations and are not always the case! But based on research, these are the average prices for car repair and maintenance costs for these specific types of cars. Whether you have the most expensive or least expensive car maintenance costs, we at Harris Automotive have great deals for all types of car repairs!

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