No matter how new or nice your car is when you get it, problems will naturally arise at some point. Car issues are not fun, especially when they drain your bank account! Here are some of the most common car problems that drivers face today and what needs to be done to repair them. Make sure to bring your vehicle to your local car repair shop right when the first sign of these issues occurs. Bringing it to the professionals is always the best route to go!

1.Airflow sensor car problems!

An airflow sensor is what regulates the amount of air coming into your engine and burns the fuel in the combustion chamber. Without this airflow happening correctly, your car could be struggling while running and reducing your gas mileage a bit. Have your local mechanic look at your airflow sensor to see if this is the real problem or if anything further needs to be replaced or looked at.

2. Faulty battery

Your car battery is a key piece of your car’s ability to run! Car batteries made of acid or lead can last up to five years or more. Some common car problems that affect this type of battery are usually due to clamp connections or failure of the terminals. Symptoms that you could have a bad car battery are a slow engine crank, check engine light being on, or a low battery fluid level! If your car battery is dead, it could also simply be because you left a light on. To find out for sure, visit your local automotive repair shop!

3. Spark plug replacement

Your vehicle’s spark plug ignites your engine, which burns the fuel and moves your car forward. Without these working correctly, your car could have less power and poor gas mileage. Have your local automotive repair shop check your car’s ignition system to fix it right away.

4. Flat tire/damaged tire

Getting a flat or damaged is one of the most common car issues today. Having the right tires and having them properly aligned is so important to your safety on the road! It’s quite impossible to predict getting a flat tire, so the best thing you could do is to be prepared! Read our “How Do You Change a Flat Tire?” right here if you have never learned how to do so:

5. Catalytic converter replacement

You may be wondering what your catalytic converter is. It’s a part of your vehicle’s exhaust system that neutralizes the hazardous compounds that are created as your car burns fuel. Since it is on the bottom of your car, hitting something on the road could easily damage this. If it ever gets damaged, make sure to replace it quickly since it’s a vital part of your car and how it runs!

Whatever car problems you’re having or dealing with, take care of them as soon as you can to prevent further damage to your vehicle. Also, prevent things like this from happening to your car by getting a regular oil change, tire rotation, and going into your local automotive repair shop when something doesn’t feel right. If you live in the Central Ohio area, come see us at Harris Automotive! We would love to help you stay safe on the roads all year long!

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