Springtime is here and in full gear! If you haven’t had the chance to do spring cleaning on your car, it’s not too late! Your car cleaning and repairing are made easy with these simple, spring maintenance tips we have created for you. Here are all your last minute spring maintenance to-do items to make sure your car is running well and in great-looking shape!

#1 Inspect your tires when car cleaning!

This is the most vital step to your car cleaning and your car safety this spring! If your tires are worn down, it will make it harder for your car to stop, no matter how well your brakes work. So test out the condition of your tires with the coin trick! Simply place a quarter into several grooves of your tire. Then if part of Washington’s head is always covered, your tires should have at least 4/32 of an inch of tread left. This is safe to drive with! If you have less tread than that, you should consider getting your tires replaced for spring!

 #2 Check your car battery!

Checking your car battery when car cleaning this spring is key! Winter can be tough on things like your car alternator and starter! So never go without checking your battery every season, and especially before spring! Some signs that your car battery may be drained are: it’s hard to start your car, your car lights may be dim, or your car windows may take longer to go up and down.

#3 Check your air conditioner!

If you want your air conditioning system working at full blast this spring and summer, check how it’s running ASAP! Crank up your A/C on full blast to test it out and make sure it reaches the coolest temperature. If you have any problems or a delay when turning it on, take it in to your local automotive repair shop! If you are located in the Central Ohio area, we at Harris Automotive perform air conditioner repairs for any issues you may have with your vehicle!

#4 Look at your oxygen sensor!

Checking your oxygen sensor is really important to your car’s gas mileage! A faulty oxygen sensor can lead to too much gas being used and can cut your mileage up to 40 percent. A sign that yours need replaced is the engine light comes on or your fuel will run at a lower efficiency.

#5 Check your brakes!

And last, but not least, inspect your brakes! The winter can have a lasting effect on your brakes if not properly repaired. Winter brings things like corrosion and salt on the roads that build up on your brakes. If your brakes are feeling off at all, with signs like pulling to one side or the pedal feels too soft, get them checked out right away. This will ensure your safety on the road and that your car can come to a safe stop when needed.

Come see us at Harris Automotive today for any of your spring maintenance needs and repairs! Our team is here to keep your car running smoothly and efficiently on the road! We are located in Blacklick and Westerville, Ohio. See all of our available car repair options right here: https://harrisautomotiverepair.com/services .

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