So why is your car’s radiator important to maintain? This part of your vehicle is the cooling system of your engine. While your engine operates, it creates friction that produces heat. In order for your engine not to overheat, the radiator keeps things cool. Without your radiator working, your car engine could easily overheat! So here is everything you need to know about your radiator and how to maintain it well. Maintaining it now will prevent a costly repair for your vehicle in the future!

How to maintain your radiator

Because this is such a vital part of your car’s engine, you want to make sure and take care of it! It is always a good idea to take your car in for an inspection and leave it to the professionals! Have your local mechanic take a look at it regularly and you should be good to go. If you would like to start on your own, you could check your vehicle’s coolant level. If the level is low or gone, make sure to take your vehicle in right away, due to possible leaking.

Signs your radiator is not working

The top sign that your radiator is failing is that your engine keeps overheating! This causes high temperatures in your engine and can overheat more easily than normal. Some other indicators of this could be finding leaking coolant on the ground or there is sludge in your radiator. If the coolant in your radiator is not going through correctly or there is a crack, coolant will leak underneath your vehicle.

Normally, the coolant in your car should be yellow or green. If your radiator goes bad, it can turn a rust color. This then turns into sludge and the fluid cannot cool the engine. This is because it can’t drain properly and just sits around your engine. The best thing to do about this problem is to take your vehicle into your local car repair shop for professional help.

Get a radiator flush for your vehicle

One great way to maintain your vehicle is to get a radiator flush! Check your vehicle’s manufacturer’s factory maintenance schedule to see when is the right time to do this for your specific vehicle. We at Harris Automotive in Central Ohio offer full service repair for your vehicle, including a radiator flush! It is a good idea to take your vehicle in for this every 40 to 60 thousand miles. It doesn’t hurt to get it checked every year though! Learn more about a radiator flush by our mechanics right here!

We hope you now have a good idea of why maintaining your car’s radiator is so important! If you live in the Columbus, Ohio, area, come by one of our shops in Westerville or Blacklick today! Visit our shop online to see all of our available repair services and contact us with any questions you may have:

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