Radiator Flush


How do you know when its time to perform a radiator flush? We recommend that you simply follow your manufacturers factory maintenance schedule. Generally speaking its a good idea to do a radiator flush about every 40 to 60 thousand miles or every other year. Some folks perform a radiator flush every year. It certainly doesn’t hurt to do a radiator flush once a year.


Radiator fluid also called anti-freeze is a mixture of anti-freeze, water and other chemicals such as rust inhibitors etc. The formulation circulates through the cooling system components and your vehicles engine to keep it operating at its optimal temperature range.

Radiator fluid acts very similar to how a sponge would work soaking up water but instead of soaking up water it soaks up heat from the vehicles engine. It releases this heat when it passes through the radiator. Air passes across the radiator thereby cooling the radiator fluid and this cycle repeats over and over. After so many cycles of collecting and releasing heat the radiator fluid will break down and diminished capacity to cool is the end result. Not all radiator fluids are created equal and many manufacturers have very specific radiator fluid requirements and or formulations or mixtures. You’ll want to be sure follow your vehicles factory requirements. A radiator flush will flush out any contaminants that may be in the cooling system and of course after the radiator flush you’ll have to put new radiator fluid back into the system. So with a yearly radiator flush you’ll always have fully functional radiator fluid which will result in extended cooling system component life as well increased vehicle reliability.


Radiator flushes as noted previously are generally performed every 40-60 thousand miles or every other year. Some people prefer every year. There’s certainly nothing wrong with every year as radiator flushes are cheap enough to do. It’s cheap insurance for sure. All fluid flushes and renewals should never be neglected. As an example if radiator fluid is never changed and a radiator flush is never performed you’re are guaranteed to end up with mechanical problems as the miles creep up on your vehicle. The fluid breaks down, corrosion begins in the cooling system, water pumps fail, thermostats fail, radiators plug up and fail, engine overheats and there’s no telling what can be affected when and engine repeatedly overheats….this chain reaction domino effect takes place all because of simple neglected maintenance.

Regular radiator flushes are just like regular oil changes they are a must do on the maintenance list. In fact here’s an educational video about the importance of regular cooling system maintenance including the radiator flush.


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