Your radiator’s job in your vehicle is simply to keep the engine from overheating. The radiator is a vital component of the cooling system of your vehicle. When your car radiator is not working properly, there are many different signs that you will notice. If you are not familiar with these or are not sure, here are three main symptoms of a failing radiator

1. Vehicle is overheating

If your car temperature gauge indicates the temperature is way too high or your check engine light illuminates on the dash, your car is most likely overheating. This could be due to a bad or failing radiator. It may not be completely failing but close to that condition. So you want to make sure to address the situation right away! If this is not repaired immediately, your car may break down because of your overheated engine and the radiator cost repair will be higher. If you’re not sure if your car is overheating, play it safe and visit your local automotive repair shop right away! Better safe than sorry.

2. Leaking coolant

If you find that your vehicle is leaking a lot while you’re driving or when it’s parked, it could be from coolant from your bad radiator. You may be able to identify where it is leaking from. If not, take it in and see the professionals to find out how much the radiator cost repair will be. Find a local automotive repair shop or mechanic that can give you professional advice on how to best handle this repair

3. Sludge in your vehicle’s radiator

Sludge in your radiator is a sign that your radiator is in need of repair. A bad mix of coolants can cause this sludge in your radiator and cause lots of problems. A bad head gasket can cause oil and coolant to mix and form sludge as well. Visit your local automotive to find out what your radiator cost repair will be and to see why this sludge may be forming in your vehicle.

4. Get a radiator flush!

We at Harris Automotive recommend getting a radiator flush about every 40 to 60 thousand miles you drive! But some people do a radiator flush every year to play it safe. It’s totally up to you! Check your vehicle’s owner’s manual to find the best advice for your specific vehicle.

5. So, what is a radiator flush?

A radiator flush will flush out all of the contaminants in your cooling system that could be affecting your vehicle. Read more about this topic on our website here:

We hope this gives you a good idea of how to know when you may be in need of a radiator cost repair! Keeping your car radiator up and running well is vital to your engine’s health. If you still don’t know how to resolve a car issue you’re having, call or visit one of our shops here in Westerville and Blacklick, Ohio! We are here to help solve any car issues you are experiencing and to get your vehicle running safely again on the road.

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