Are you planning a holiday trip or traveling this Christmas to see family? Christmas is around the corner and we at Harris Automotive have the best tips to get your car ready for all of your travels. Our team gives discount tire rotation deals all year long! We have so many deals for your car to be road trip ready for all of the holidays! Let’s start with everything you need to do to get your car prepared for fun holiday travel. This will help you take care of everything way ahead of time! This way you can have a stress-free and fun trip with the family!

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  • Start with your car lights

Do a simple walk around your car to check if all of your car lights are working and ready to go! Check your high and low beams, flashers, brake lights, blinker lights, and license plate light. This can be done in five minutes easily! Click here to read a great article on how to take care of it in five minutes!

  • Check your washer fluid

Make sure your washer fluid is full, especially if you will be driving through colder climates! You will need a lot of washer fluid for a winter trip because of all of the salt that will be end up on your windshield. Keep some washer fluid in your trunk just in case! and even get washer fluid with antifreeze!

  • Want winter tires?

We at Harris Automotive suggest you get winter tires if you will be driving through the snow this holiday season! Winter tires are designed to grip on snow and ice which is great for winter travel. Also, check your tire pressure and alignment so your tires are evenly balanced for your trip! We at Harris Automotive offer discount tire alignment prices year round.

  • Double check your car battery!

This is an important step to do before any holiday travel! Many auto parts shops will replace your battery for you if it needs replaced! Just check with your local auto parts shop! If you are in the Columbus area, we at Harris Automotive would love to help you!

  • Keep your gas tank full

Keep your car fuel lines from freezing on the winter roads and during low temperatures, always keep your gas tank halfway full! This may seem inconvenient, but it’s vital to keeping your car running great through very cold temperatures!

  • Oil change check

If you haven’t checked your oil level lately, now is the perfect time to do so! Get your regular oil change before you leave for your holiday trip with us at Harris Automotive! We offer an oil change and tire rotation package for just $19.99 as well!

  • Be winter road ready!

If you are traveling for the holidays, it’s great to know about winter road safety! Whether you have been driving on the icy roads for years or are new to it, check out our winter road safety blog here:

Now your car is prepared for a fun and safe holiday trip with the family! To find out more about us at Harris Automotive and our discount tire service deals, check us out here! We love serving families with the best auto care services in Central Ohio!