Now that winter is almost here, we thought we would help prepare you for those snowy winter driving days! We all get stuck in storms and hard situations on the road. The best thing to do for this winter is to know how to navigate through these tough situations. While getting your car prepped with tires columbus ohio, and other auto parts, you also want to make sure you know how to drive cautiously on winter roads. Here are some of the safest things to do when you find yourself on the road on a cold, winter day. These will help you feel good on the road, even in the hardest of situations!

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1. Driving in the snow

-DRIVE SLOW! This is the top thing you want to do while driving in the snow this winter. It’s better to be the slow person on the road than risking getting into an accident! So make sure to drive slowly while accelerating and decelerating. Make sure to take your time slowing down to a stop light as well.

-Don’t stop while going up a hill. The safest way to go up a hill is to stay at the same steady speed you were originally going, not speeding up or down. This will help you get up those icy roads and not slide back down. Try to avoid hills, if you can, during cold, icy days!

-Get to know your brakes! The best way to stop your vehicle during the winter is through threshold braking. This involves slowing down as quickly as possible by maintaining brake force at the optimum level. Simply keep the heel of your foot on the floor and use the ball of your foot to apply steady pressure to the brake.

2. Driving in icy situations

While you want to avoid driving in this weather condition, sometimes you can’t avoid it while on the road!

-Reduce your speed. The first thing you want to do when you come upon an icy situation is to SLOW DOWN. If you drive at high speeds, you can easily lose control of your vehicle. Slowing down to a safe speed is the way to go!

-Turn into your slide. If you do start to slide, do not panic! The safest thing to do in this situation is to turn your tires in the direction you’re sliding toward and then to slowly correct it.

3. Be prepared!

Ultimately, the best thing to do in the winter is to have your car prepared for anything! Make sure to ALWAYS wear your seat belt and have your gas tank full as well! If you haven’t prepped your car for winter, check out our “Tips to prep your car for winter” blog HERE!

Check out a great winter safety checklist resource HERE!