Get a car fix before you try to sell your vehicle! Investing time into repairing your vehicle is the best way to make a great sale. Maybe you’re asking how much it will cost to repair before selling. Or “What should I repair before listing it online?” These are both questions that come into play when getting ready to sell your car. Ultimately, these decisions are up to you and how much time and effort you want to put into it. Here is a list of some of the top repairs you will want to check before selling your vehicle!

1. Brake repair!

This one is not one to overlook as it has to do with the safety of the driver and passengers inside. Brakes should be checked year round and replaced, if needed, every couple of years. If you’re looking at visiting a local brake repair shop, here is what we suggest to look for in one: .

2. Tire check!

Tires are another top car fix before selling! Old and worn tires are most likely one of the easiest things for a potential customer to spot. So make sure they are ready to be inspected. If not updated, you may have to knock a big chunk of money off your listing price

3. Fresh oil!

If you haven’t gotten your oil changed recently, go ahead and get fresh oil for your potential buyers. This is a very inexpensive way to show your buyers that you care and that you have serviced your car before selling. If you have already changed your oil, you are good to go!

4. Lights!

Another car fix to check is your lights! Make sure to clean them inside and out, checking that they all light up as well. Check your turn signals and your brake lights to make sure they are working properly. If not, this is an affordable and quick fix!

5. Window check!

Repair any cracks in your windows and windshields before selling. This is a car fix that is vital to the appearance of your vehicle and will make a difference to the buyer! Also, check that your power windows work well and don’t stick at all.

These five car fix repair options are all important things to get checked before going into the selling process. This will keep you and your buyers safe on the road and willing to spend a little more on a vehicle. The more you invest into your car, the more return you will get.

If you live in the Columbus, Ohio, area, we at Harris Automotive are a full service repair shop, and we’re here for you! If you would like a full inspection of your vehicle before deciding what needs repaired, we would love to do that for you! Our team of professional mechanics is here to make sure your car is running smoothly on the road and for any of your potential buyers. We wish you the best on your car selling journey!

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