The brake system of your car is the most important system in your vehicle! You will have no way of stopping your vehicle safely without it. This is the one repair you don’t want to put off and need to get it up and running as soon as possible. Talk to your local auto repair shop to diagnose your specific vehicle’s brake issues to get started. Here are signs you need a major brake system repair!

-Vehicle is pulling

A quick sign that indicates your brakes are in need of repair is when your vehicle is pulling when you put your brakes on. It will usually feel like a jerking motion that pulls your vehicle to one side and is definitely not settled. This could be due to a collapsed brake hose, brake fluid issues, or uneven brake pads.

-Brake pedal is soft

Another sign that your brake system needs repaired right away is when your brake pedal feels soft. This means when you try to push on it, you feel little motion going on. This is an urgent repair needed to be done as your brake fluid could be leaking or air could be going into the brake lines.

-Your car is vibrating

If you start to feel your car vibrate when you put your foot on the brake,  it could be that your brake system has issues. Chances are you have warped rotors which can cause your brakes to not be as effective and decrease your ability to slow down. This is vital to your safety, so make sure to get it checked out right away.

-Loud noises from your vehicle

Lastly, you may hear grinding or howling noises when you start to use your brakes. This is a clear indication that something is definitely wrong with your brake system. No one likes the loud sound of metal grinding on metal. This is most likely due to your brakes needing new brake pads! Make sure to take your car in for a repair so the issue does not get bigger.

How much is a brake system repair?

Depending on how long you have let the brake issue go, repairs and their prices will vary! So, our advice is to take your vehicle in as soon as you suspect any type of issue, no matter how small. It is always better to be safe than sorry. An entire brake job could cost up to around $750, and small brake repairs, like a brake pad replacement, are as low as $100.

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