Winter weather brings all sorts of unique challenges for car owners. Keep your car up to date and prepare your vehicle for anything and everything with these car maintenance basics/winter car tips! Maintaining your car is important all year long, but especially for your car to run strong during the cold, winter months! Feel safe driving through anything with these car maintenance basics.

Easy winter car tips/car maintenance basics!

-Check your vehicle’s antifreeze!

One of the first steps in maintaining your car this winter is to check your car’s antifreeze level. Use a refractometer or an antifreeze tester to see the freezing point of your vehicle’s antifreeze. Add more antifreeze, if needed, so your engine block does not freeze.

-Make sure you will be able to see!

One of our many winter car tips is to check your windshield wipers so you will be able to see! If you haven’t replaced them in a while, think about replacing them! Wipers last well for about one year, but make sure to always replace them before wintertime! Also make sure to fill up your wiper fluid before finding yourself in a snowstorm! This way, you will be able to see in hazardous conditions. Make sure your car’s defroster and heater are working properly as well.

-Keep up with your car battery!

Right before winter hits or on a warmer day in the winter is a great time to check your battery! Check for things like your battery posts and connections. Talk to your local mechanic about your car’s specific battery if you are not sure! Read our blog about basic car battery care right here: .

-Check your tires!

Another one of our winter car tips is to check your tires! Make sure all your tires are properly inflated for the best traction during the wintertime and during those winter storms. The air pressure in your car tires drops as temperatures drop during the winter, so this is a necessary step for everyone! Check your vehicle’s owner’s manual for your target tire pressure for your specific car. You may even want to consider switching to winter tires if your city gets hit with lots of hazardous, snowy conditions all winter long.

-How is your oil?

Another car maintenance basic that is not just for winter is to check your vehicle’s oil. Don’t procrastinate in getting your regular oil change, especially during the cold months! This oil will protect your engine and provides a layer of protection between your engine’s moving parts while keeping them from wearing out. Your car oil also protects your engine from any type of corrosion. Get an oil change and tire rotation for just $19.99 + tax from our Harris Automotive repair shop here in Central Ohio!

We hope you feel prepared for anything this winter with these basic car maintenance/winter car tips! We at Harris Automotive offer full repair services for your vehicle this winter! Our team is committed to making sure your car is running well for every season.

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