Wondering if you should replace your wheel after damaging it recently? We are not necessarily talking about your car tires but, specifically, the wheel and the wheel bearings. These are the elements that actually hold the tires in place and support them. Without wheels, our cars would be useless; and if they are at all damaged, you will want to get them back into tip-top shape to preserve them. The way your car drives smoothly on the road has a lot to do with its wheels. So, don’t miss out on this important repair or replacement!

What your wheel consists of!

Your car wheel is what your tire sits on top of and consists of many different parts. Your wheel has what’s called the center cap in the very middle with the center bore in the back. Next, you have lug holes that have bolts that keep everything together. Then you have the structures between the center of the wheel and the outer part called the spokes. You also have your valve stem, the outer lip, and then the barrel. All of these elements make up your wheel and are what your tires sit around. If any of these elements get damaged or loosened in some way, it will be important to get them repaired. It depends on how bad the damage is to know if you need a full replacement.

Should I still drive on it?

Keep an eye out after you notice wheel damage to see if your car is experiencing vibrating or pulling at all. If you have any concerns about safety while driving on your tires due to wheel damage, we suggest staying off the road. You know how your car drives better than anyone, so stick with your gut on this one. A lot of times if the wheel is bent, cracked, or structurally unstable, it will need a replacement. This is when you will definitely want to stay off the road and get it fixed right away.

Replace or Repair?

It takes a lot for an entire wheel to have to be replaced. Usually, there are other ways of simply repairing your wheel without replacing the entire thing. But it all depends on how bad your situation is. If you got into a really bad accident, a wheel replacement would not be unusual. If you simply scuffed your rim or something of that nature, you would only need a wheel repair. The best advice we have for you is to go into your local automotive repair shop and get your wheel looked at by a professional. They will be able to determine the next steps to take for the health of your car and wheels.

We hope these simple how-to-knows have helped you with your wheel concerns or questions. A damaged wheel can greatly affect the rest of your vehicle and your safety. If you would like to learn more about tires and how to replace a flat tire this summer, read more here: https://harrisautomotiverepair.com/flat-tire/. Knowing how to do this easy fix will give you more ease when driving alone on the road. If you live in the Central Ohio area and need a car repair, don’t hesitate to stop by one of our shops! We are located in both Blacklick and Westerville, Ohio. Our team is here to help you with any car issues that arise or if you simply need any repair or replacement cost quotes. If you have any questions about why your car is acting the way it is, contact us today. We would love to help you!