Spring is almost here, and that means it’s time to get your car ready for warm weather! Winter can do a number of things to your vehicle. All the salt, cold temperatures, and ice can take a toll on your car and your tires. Or maybe you have held off on a wheel alignment or other repairs because of the freezing temperatures. As spring comes in, here are all the ways to go about getting your car springtime ready. Your car can look and run new in no time!

Check your oil!

As seasons shift, it’s always a good idea to get an oil change and to check all the oils of your vehicle. Check your car’s manufacturer’s guide to see when your vehicle should get an oil change! We at Harris Automotive offer oil change services with a package of an oil change and tire rotation for just $19.99 plus tax!

Spring tire check/wheel alignment

Right before or early spring is a great time to get your tires checked after a rough wintertime. Your car is most likely in need of a wheel alignment or of more air. Also, don’t forget to change out those winter tires for your regular ones, if needed. Worn tires can reduce your fuel economy, so make sure to do this right away. Also check your tires’ air pressure and get them rotated and balanced to get their maximum use.

If you want your tires checked and repaired by professionals, visit our shop at Harris Automotive Repair! We offer tire replacement, electrical system diagnosis and repair, engine performance and tune-up, and more. Check out our wheel alignment special coupon right here: https://harrisautomotiverepair.com/coupons/.

Get your brakes tested

If your brakes feel different than normal, bring in your vehicle for a brake check! Generally, your brake pads will need replaced every 50,000 miles. Some vehicles may need their brake pads replaced at every 25,000, depending on the specific vehicle. We at Harris Automotive offer brake replacement and brake system repairs!

Shed those winter layers

Now for the outside of your car! Here are some easy steps to get your car looking shiny and new:

-Give your car a good wash, and don’t forget to get the underbody part where salt could be layered on! (This will prevent rust!)

-Get a wax for your vehicle! This will protect your car paint from the warm weather and the sun!

Replace your wiper blades!

-Vacuum the inside of your vehicle while you’re at it!

Harris Automotive Repair options!

If your vehicle is in need of any repairs or maybe you’re not sure what’s wrong with your vehicle, come and see us! We would love to chat with you and give you all the details on how we can help bring your vehicle back to life. Our team is committed to giving you the best service with the best, affordable prices here in Central Ohio!

Check out all of our service repair options to see what we offer: https://harrisautomotiverepair.com/services/.

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