Used Car Buying Tips

Used car buying tips that everyone should know when they purchase a used car. Buying a used car can be a great way to save a lot of money but you have to have reasonable expectations as well. Many used cars have a lot of miles on them and they will need work to keep them going and dependable. Always try to get a date when the vehicle maintenance was done and the mileage at which it was done.


• Try to get as much information on the car as possible from the person you’re buying it from.

• If it has a manual transmission ask if the clutch, pressure plate and throw out bearing has ever been changed and if so when?

• If it has an automatic transmission as if the fluid has been changed on a regular basis according to the manufacturers recommended intervals.

• Ask for the vehicles maintenance records.

• Ask if the brake pads and rotors have been replaced and when?

• Has the engine oil and transmission oil been changed on the vehicle manufacturers recommended maintenance intervals? Get the maintenance records if the vehicle owner has them.

• Ask them whether they did their own maintenance or if they had a shop do the maintenance work.

• If they had a single shop do all of their vehicle maintenance for them the shop should be able to pull a vehicle history report and this will serve as the maintenance record.

• If the original vehicle owner did all their own maintenance they should have kept records of everything they have done along with receipts for parts etc. Not all people do this but they should as it helps greatly when and if they go to sell the vehicle.

• Have the heating and cooling system inspected. Try to obtain records of when the cooling system has been flushed.

• Ask if the thermostat and water pump has ever been replaced and if so when?

• Ask if the timing belt and serpentine belt has ever been replaced and if so when?

• Ask if the cooling hoses have ever been replaced and if so when?

• Has the battery has ever been replaced and if so when?

• Ask if the shocks/struts have ever been replaced and if so when?

• Ask if the starter and alternator has ever been replaced and if so when?

• Ask if there has ever been any electrical problems with the vehicle.

• Ask if the wheel bearings have ever been replaced and if so when?

• Ask if the fuel pump and fuel filter has ever been replaced?

• Ask if the exhaust system has ever been replaced and if so what components of the exhaust system? Components are generally the mufflers, catalytic converters, oxygen sensors and interconnecting piping.

• Have the headlights and marker lights ever been replaced?

• Ask if they have ever had any problems with the brake system and if so when?

• Have the spark plugs and ignition wires ever been replaced and if so when?

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