Ever feel like your car is dragging and not driving the way it used to? One of the best ways to keep the pep in your step on the road is to regularly get a tune up. A good tune up takes care of things that prevent your car from driving efficiently and smoothly on the road. It involves preventative and maintenance care that targets problem areas within your vehicle so they don’t get bigger than they need to. Here is more information on what a tune-up is and the benefits and perks of a great tune-up done by professional mechanics.

What exactly is a tune-up?

A great tune up works wonders with preventing those costly repairs or replacements that everyone hates and restores the power of your vehicle. With the right mechanic, they will check the problem areas that they see right away while inspecting and helping to decrease your risk of breakdown. It could look like anything from replacing your brake pads or wheel alignment to finding an urgent engine issue that needs attention right away. Either way, creating a date or time for a tune up is a great way to take good care of your vehicle. This is especially true for an older vehicle!

Get better gas mileage

Did you know that regular tune-ups for your car will give you better gas mileage on the road? “How?” you may be wondering. Say your brake is sticking, your tires are not fully inflated, or your wheel is pulling from one side more than the other. All of these car problems will cause your vehicle to use more gas than it usually needs to. So, getting a tune up will help to resolve these issues and actually save you money, all because you took care of your car up-front. Going in to see a mechanic will also make you aware of issues that you did not even notice. That’s what the professionals are there for!

Have a smooth ride

The older your vehicle gets the more issues that will arise if you’re not constantly maintaining your vehicle. It’s just what comes with age and time on the road. A tune up will be especially important for older vehicles. Get a smooth ride while helping to get less shaking on the road with a power and energy check. You can also ask for an exhaust check. Your mechanic will be able to diagnose and solve all the issues that come up with age. It will bring peace of mind to you while you’re on the road, especially during the winter months where you don’t want to be stuck on the side of the road.

When to get a tune up

A great time that we suggest getting a car tune-up is along with your regular oil change! Now, this if you don’t have any other irregular car problems beforehand. If you do have an issue arise before your next oil change, get to your local mechanic. We value and suggest great preventative care to all of our customers to prevent further unwanted damage and costs.

We hope this blog gave you more insight as to why a regular tune up is so vital to your car’s health! If you need a reliable mechanic and live in the Central Ohio area, check us out. We at Harris Automotive are  located in Blacklick and Westerville, Ohio. Happy driving!