Do you have an old Toyota or Honda with thousands of miles on it that you have been hanging onto for a while? We all love old vintage cars that are still looking good and that are kept up well! Whether your car is a vintage Toyota classic or just an older vehicle, here are six signs to watch for in an older car so that you can continue to keep it running and looking great for many more years to come. Watch for these signs in your older vehicle so you can prevent any unwanted and destructive repairs. Ultimately, your mechanic knows best, so don’t forget to take it in regularly to help prolong the life of your older vehicle!

1. Brake Pedal.

This one is not a sign to take lightly as it has to do with your safety and that of everyone in your vehicle. If your old Toyota or other vehicle’s brake pedal is sinking or squishy, it’s time to replace it! This is not abnormal for an old vehicle as it will need to be replaced at some point. Take it in to a professional mechanic right away to get a proper and detailed diagnostic. You will definitely not want to wait on this as it could cause an unwanted brake failure and lead to a bad crash situation.

2. Failing Parts.

Sometimes the best solution to revamping your old Toyota or other old car is to replace a key component completely. It may save you money over time, even though it could be a hefty price initially. Signs that your radiator is failing could be overheating, leaking coolant, or sludge buildup. Other signs of battery failure or alternator failure are the cranking of your car engine. Find out from a professional what the best option would be and if you need a full replacement!

3. Bouncing.

If your old Toyota or older car is constantly bouncing up and down, this is a warning sign that your car needs new struts or shocks. Car struts are the structural part of the suspension system, and the shocks are the shock absorbers that keep your car from bouncing. This is the replacement you will need to get from your local mechanic if your older vehicle is bouncing at all.

4. Engine Misfiring.

This warning sign of engine misfires is due to your spark plugs needing replacing. Or maybe your engine runs really rough and your car has lots of trouble starting initially. This is all due to your spark plugs being old and not doing the job. You can get new spark plugs at your local automotive repair shop for a very reasonable price.

5. Rust.

The appearance of rust on your older vehicle is a clear warning sign that you need to hurry and get a paint upgrade. You will want to get to this right away so more rust does not appear and spread. Rust can be a pain to remove and at times cannot be fully erased. You may have to replace specific body parts in order to have no rust residue. Ask your local auto body parts shop to find out what kind of upgrades you will need. If you’re looking at keeping your old Toyota running well and looking good, this is a good step for you!

6. Warning light on.

This sign is a clear one that you won’t miss, well hopefully! Usually, your warning light alerts you to a repair that was needed awhile back and you missed. You want to take your check engine light very seriously, especially with an older Toyota and other older vehicles.


We hope these six warning sign points have helped you diagnose your car a bit! Old cars are some of the neatest looking vehicles out there, so we hope these tips will help prolong the life of your older car. If you have any other questions or concerns about your vehicle, don’t hesitate to contact us at Harris Automotive Repair! Our team is here to answer any questions you have and is happy to set up a diagnostic appointment for you.

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