Tire rotation is one of the easiest ways to keep your car running great! You hear all the time to make sure and get a tire rotation consistently. But why do you need one? A tire rotation will make an impact on how well your car drives and stays grounded on the road. Here are all the benefits of getting a regular tire rotation for your vehicle!

-Maintains traction

One of the great things about a tire rotation is it keeps your tires’ traction maintained and balanced. Why is it important to maintain good traction on your tires? Good tire traction keeps your car safe on the road by resisting hydroplaning and keeping your tires on the ground. A way to improve this is to find good tires for your vehicle and to maintain them well.

-Even tire wear

Especially through the wintry, cold months, your tires can become worn. Tire rotation helps even out your tire wear! By keeping your tires rotated in four different positions, there will be even tire tread patterns. This will ultimately keep your tires in better condition for a longer period of time!

How often should your tires be rotated?

So, how do I know when to get my tires rotated? Good question! We recommend getting a tire rotation every 6,000 to 8,000 miles. But your car’s owner’s manual will tell you specifically how long before you need a rotation. We also recommend taking into consideration what vehicle you have and how old it is.

How much does a tire rotation cost?

Tire rotations are one of the cheapest repairs for a vehicle. A good rotation for your tires costs around $25 to $120. Most tire shops you buy from will actually give you free service if you go back to them for rotations! This is an easy way to save money and maintain the condition of your tires.

Other tire facts:

-Good tires will last up to 3-4 years with good maintenance.

-Wider tires roll better than narrower tires.

-Better tires will improve your gas mileage.

Visit your local tire shop!

Learn more about tire rotations by visiting your local tire shop! If you need a tire replacement or repair, come and see us at one of our shops in Westerville or Blacklick, Ohio. We would love to chat with you more about this topic and help you find the best solutions for your tires.

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