How do you find the car shop you can trust? A vehicle is a major purchase and investment for most people. This is why finding the right auto repair shop for you and your needs is vital. We at Harris Automotive came up with five things to keep in mind the next time you search for a local auto repair shop for your vehicle!

-Are the car shop mechanics certified?

Knowing if the mechanics of the car shop are certified should not only be required but is also a sign of professionalism. Your auto shop should be certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service or ASE. Checking for certification will give you more confidence in the shop’s expertise. Certification builds trust and credibility for the company.

-How is the repair shop environment?

You can tell a lot about the car shop and how it works by its cleanliness and organization. First impressions about the car shop you walk into are so important! Trust your instincts, and pay attention to the way the business is run. Check how their team works together when you meet with them and how organized they seem. This will show how efficient they will be with your vehicle down the road.

-Check reviews online.

Another way to select the right auto repair shop is by checking the Internet! There are so many resources online to search for reviews for the car shop you are looking at getting service from. Reviews online can show you a lot about the credibility of the business and give you a sense of trust or not.

-Talk to people you know and trust.

One of the best ways to know a place is reliable is by speaking to those you already trust. Your close family and friends’ opinions are some of the best advice to take in. Talk to those who have the same vehicle as you, and ask where they get their vehicle serviced. This could change the place you go to, depending on what kind of vehicle you have.

-Does the auto shop provide a written estimate?

Receiving a written quote from your mechanic and the car shop you visit is key! Always ask for a written estimate for each kind of repair you plan to get from your mechanic. If they do this automatically for you, this shows professionalism and reliability. If they ever try to rush you in and out without providing a record, this is not a good sign of a credible car shop!

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