Since winter will be rolling around the corner, we thought we would give you a heads up to be one of the safest cars this season! With snow on the ground, driving can be extra dangerous and scary. Say no to all the distractions that life brings, and keep your attention on the road this winter. Here are five of the top ways to stay safe on the road!

1.ALWAYS be aware

Being aware of the drivers around you is the top safety tip today! There are more distractions while driving now than ever. Be aware of what vehicle is behind you at all times, and know your blind spots. If you see a car swerving, keep your distance. Never check out while driving, even though this can be tempting when you’re tired! Stay aware at all times.

2. Say no to texting and driving

With the constant rise of communication through the use of cell phones, texting and driving is a top danger on the road. Don’t risk your life because of a text message! Keep your phone out of sight to be one of the safest cars on the road. Ultimately, when someone texts and drives, they’re not only putting their life in danger, but also everyone’s around them.

3. Know your vehicle

Another way to stay safe on the road is to learn how your vehicle drives, and pay attention to your blind spots. Every vehicle is different, so get to know how yours drives. Double-check your blind spots when passing someone and merging onto a highway. Know how touchy your brakes are and how much space you take up on the road!

4. Consider purchasing the safest cars

Nothing can keep you safer than the driver, but there are ways to make you feel more safe when you drive. Consider purchasing some of the safest cars on the market! Two of the top rated cars for safety are the 2018 Toyota Camry and the 2018 Honda Accord (according to NHTSA). If this is an option for you, also find a reliable automotive repair shop you can trust to keep up with maintenance! Car maintenance is a big factor to your car safety too.

5. Stick to the speed limit

Who hasn’t at one point in their life gotten annoyed by the speed limit? Especially when you’re late for an event or work! But those limits are actually for our good and for our safety. So we suggest sticking to the speed limit and following the law.

We hope these tips help you feel like one of the safest cars on the road this winter and for any season! Come and see us today for any automotive repair needs! Our team is here for you and ready to tune up your vehicle for the cold months ahead. Be safe on the road by keeping up with your vehicle as well!

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