Winter is nearly over, and all you motorcyclists can start getting your bikes ready for spring! Are you looking for a place to take your motorcycle to get repaired? Start getting your bike ready now before all the repair shops are full of customers. We at Harris Automotive have a team of professionals who deal not just with cars, but also specifically with motorcycles! Now, you don’t have to go to a separate repair shop for your car and motorcycle; we have services for all your needs. So get out your bike and start getting it ready for the beautiful spring weather!

Our motorcycle repair services

We offer many motorcycle repair services to our customers. Here is a list of some of the things we offer at Harris Automotive:

-Oil changes and filters

-Tire mount and balance

-Chain and belt drive adjustments

-All lube points lubricated

-Tire inspection/pressure check

-Battery check

-Charging system check

-Mounting of all accessories of every kind you can think of … and then some!

-All controls and lights checked for proper operation

-Test ride for proper function


-Safety inspection before you hit the open road for the first time this year

-Gas tanks mounted

-Shift lever and foot peg replacement

-Windshield replacement

-Exhaust replacement

& more!

If you don’t see what you’re needing repaired in this list, talk to us today! We can help you come up with a solution and possible repair options!

Create a motorcycle maintenance checklist

One of the things we suggest at Harris Automotive is to have a maintenance checklist for your motorcycles, just like you would have for your other vehicles. If you are a beginner motorcyclist, don’t worry, this is for you as well! A simple way to create a checklist is to use the MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) checklist using TCLOCS.

T- Tires and wheels

C- Controls

L- Lights and electrics

O- Oil and other fluids

C- Chassis

S- Stands (kickstands)

This method of maintaining your motorcycle will help you to ride safely at all times!

Motorcycle repair costs

If you look at most motorcycle repair shops, their rates can be crazy expensive with labor costs. You will be pleasantly surprised with our rates at Harris Automotive! We give reasonable prices for motorcycle services, and we do it within a reasonable amount of time. Stop by one of our Harris Automotive locations here in Westerville, Ohio, or Blacklick, Ohio. Find our locations here!

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If you find yourself at a repair shop where they give you a wait time for your motorcycle repair, call us at Harris Automotive here: (614) 891-4773. We can give you the quick and reasonable prices that you are looking for. We are excited to meet and talk with you!

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