Do you have questions about your car and want to know if you need to get it fixed? Or maybe you have questions about when to get things checked. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to repairing your vehicle! Our mechanic columbus ohio here at Harris Automotive Repair has all the information you need to keep your car running great!

-Go to your local mechanic columbus ohio for any other questions or concerns!

1. Why do my brakes feel off?

Do your car brakes feel like they’re dragging or are they making a screeching sound? Don’t ignore these signs; it may be time to replace your brake pads! Waiting could eventually lead to lots of brake damage and brake replacement. If there are other signs like your brakes pulling or vibrating, you may have other problems than just your brake pads. If your car brakes are pulling, you may need a brake adjustment. A vibration coming from your brakes may indicate that you also need a brake alignment. Check with your local mechanic columbus ohio or in your area for the best repair options!

We at Harris Automotive offer full repair service, including brake services!

2. Do I get a winter checkup for my car?

Yes, yes, and yes! More than anything, getting a winter checkup for your vehicle will bring you ease in the cold, winter storms. Knowing that your vehicle is up to par and running well will take off some of the pressure that winter brings while driving. Some minor things to do right away are checking your wiper fluid and putting antifreeze fluid in!

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3. When do my tires need to be replaced?

Most vehicle manufacturers suggest changing your tires every six years, but it could depend on how well you take care of them and what type of vehicle you have! Your tread may seem worn and your tires could have gotten a lot of exposure to heat from the sun that caused structural damage. Whichever one it is, we suggest going in to your local automotive repair shop for suggestions on what to do or if you simply need a tire repair! We at Harris Automotive do tire replacements. Check out all of our services here!

4. Why is my check engine light on?

An engine light signal is not something to wait on! The check engine light is a part of your vehicle’s onboard diagnostics (OBD) system. This problem source puts this light on to signal something is wrong with your vehicle’s engine. If it is flashing, this could indicate a severe engine misfire. Reduce your car’s speed right away and get it checked out by your local mechanic columbus ohio.

We understand how difficult it is to know and understand when your vehicle may need a repair! Here is a good start to some of your car questions or concerns. If you have specific automotive repair questions that you still need help with, contact us at Harris Automotive, stop in to our local mechanic columbus ohio at one of our locations here!

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