While buying a car is a huge investment, keeping it maintained and like new can be just as much of an investment. It’s so important to find the right automotive repair shop with honest mechanics for you and your car. There are so many great mechanics out there that will do the job well and with integrity, but there are always a few that, unfortunately, will try to rip you off and more. To be prepared, always know the prices of the services before going into a new shop, and always check reviews online and from people you know. Here are some reasons you may be being cheated and need a new mechanic! These may be red flags for your mechanic you have now as well.

-They’re upping the prices on you.

As we mentioned above, check the prices on the website of the shop you will be visiting to get clear details of all prices, including tax. If you do this step and there is still a major price gap between what is on the website and what they’re giving you, they may think you are oblivious. The more you know beforehand about a shop and prices, the better you will be at spotting if your mechanic is cheating you on services. Also, check what a normal price is at other shops to see if they are comparable and worth it.

-Asking to fix something unrelated

Another suggestion we have is to watch out for a mechanic who gives you a list of things that are wrong with your vehicle other than what you came in for. It’s not abnormal for them to mention something minor or urgent, but if it’s something you’re unsure of, call someone you trust to find out more. Many times, they want to make more money; therefore, they will ask about other issues with your car. Don’t give in unless it’s a safety issue. We suggest finding a mechanic who will be open and real with you, not just wanting to make money off of you each time.

-If they use language like “You wouldn’t understand.”

This kind of language that excludes you from the details is definitely a red flag! Don’t fall for it, and leave right away if you have to. Many people don’t know a lot about their cars, but a car repair specialist will still be able to explain it to them in a way they will understand if they’re honest and professional. You are already paying a lot of money for a repair or replacement, so it is their job to diagnose the problem with you and not on their own. Make sure to ask your mechanic lots of questions if you don’t understand! We hope these tips on finding trustworthy mechanics has helped you! Watch out for these things the next time you are wanting to find a mechanic in your town. If you live in Central Ohio, we at Harris Automotive are dedicated to giving you the best service with our professional and reliable mechanics. We are a repair shop that is interested in building lifelong customers and inviting you into our automotive family. Make an appointment today through our appointment tab above!