In this blog we will be discussing the top car repairs of 2018 and how to prevent them with regular car maintenance. With our customer base, we get a variety of car repair needs over the course of the year and wanted to show you some of the most common services given to drivers. Here are seven of the most common car repairs of 2018 and how to prevent these car issues from arising. Ultimately, preventative and honest auto maintenance will knock out these issues and prevent your vehicle from having bigger issues down the road.

Car battery

If your car battery keeps dying, there is most likely a bigger issue at hand. It could be due to a faulty charging system, very extreme temperatures, or short drives. Car battery issues are one of the top issues that car drivers face.

Ways to avoid this: Keep your battery healthy and running longer by doing some of these car maintenance tips below.

-Test your battery regularly!

-Avoid using electronics when stopped.

-Thoroughly clean your battery.

-Make sure to turn off all your lights.


Another common car repair is tire repair! Your tires are one of the most important factors of car safety and car health. Flats are not fun to get, and you want to avoid them as much as possible. Here are some ways to avoid big tire repairs:

-Keep your tires full of air and set to the correct pressure.

-Regularly check your tire pressure.

-Watch for potholes/bumps on the road to avoid tire damage.

Brakes & brake pad replacement

Your brakes play a big role in keeping your car going and stopping. No wonder this is a regular car repair for many drivers today! Don’t ignore brake repair warnings like squeaking, delay, or vibration.

Ways to prevent bigger issues:

-Take in your vehicle as soon as you experience warnings.

-Regularly get your brakes checked.

-Drive carefully with your brakes and not forcefully.


Fuel pump

Don’t know exactly what your fuel pump does for your vehicle? Your fuel pump makes sure your fuel from your gas tank gets to your car engine! Things like fuel contamination, electrical issues, and clogged filters could all be affecting your fuel pump.

Ways to avoid this repair:

-Fill your fuel tank full.

-Regularly start your car, and don’t leave it for days.

-Find an honest auto repair shop and get regular car maintenance/checkups.


Spark plug replacement

Another common car repair issue is bad spark plugs. Your vehicle’s spark plugs help keep your engine running well. Signs that yours are having issues are slow acceleration, engine misfires, or rough idling.

Ways to keep spark plugs healthy:

-Keep spark plugs clean (visit an honest auto repair shop).

AC/heat repair

Having no heat in the winter and no cool air in the summer can be a nightmare. This is a very common car issue for many drivers, especially with older vehicles. It could be due to low coolant, a failed thermostat, or even a damaged compressor.

Ways to avoid this:

-Keep up with your coolant levels.

-Get your AC/heating systems checked regularly.

Fuel cap repair/replacement

Lastly, many drivers experience problems with their vehicle’s fuel cap. Some of the most common symptoms are a loose fuel cap, check engine light is on, or a weird fuel smell.

Avoid this by:

-Regularly get a new fuel cap.

-Find out when your fuel cap needs changed according to your owner’s manual or an honest auto repair shop you trust!

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