Monsters aren’t the only thing you may be scared of this Halloween season. We all face the anxiousness that comes with being new on the road and the learning curve that comes with that. Especially with holidays around the corner, like Halloween, it’s important to know how to calm your nerves while driving. It will help to keep everyone around you safe and keep you aware of your surroundings. Here are some ways to overcome your new driver jitters and become a pro in no time! These helpful tips will ease your mind and let you slowly become better as a driver.

1. ALWAYS have someone with you.

Whether you are still in a driving school or just received your license if you don’t feel quite ready to drive alone, have someone with you! All of us know the scary feeling of driving alone when you first get into a vehicle or as a new driver. Having someone older in the vehicle with you will make you feel at ease and help you with driving tips if something comes up while you are driving. If you happen to be alone, turning on some music on low volume will also help with your driving jitters and help to relax you on the road. It will also help you to not overthink your every move, which can be just as dangerous as not paying attention to the road.

2. Drive the speed limit.

We know it can be tricky at first to drive the speed limit, especially if you’re not familiar with your car yet. Try your best to at least hit the speed limit and not drive too slow or too fast. Pay close attention to your speed during this Halloween season, and watch for kids crossing the road. Always drive slowly in a school zone and in a new place that you’re not familiar with. Slow and steady! When you are on busier roads, like highways, make sure to stay up to speed with the traffic. Going slower than the traffic can be quite dangerous for you.

3. Drive only during the daytime.

We suggest only driving during the daytime if you are still feeling the new driver jitters. This will help to avoid even more anxiousness of not being able to see clearly. This is especially true during holidays like Halloween, where it’s dark and there are kids running around everywhere. Just be safe and drive during daylight hours. Once you feel comfortable with this, then try driving in the dark on routes that you are familiar with. You will quickly get the hang of it!

4. Keep your tank full of gas.

Last but not least, ALWAYS keep your tank full of gas when learning to drive! You already have tons of things to think of while driving on the road as a new driver. Lessen your anxiety by being prepared and having your gas tank at least halfway full. This will keep your mind focused on the road rather than being paranoid that you will run out of gas. If you are traveling quite a ways, have your tank full before leaving.

We hope this blog has helped with overcoming all of your new driver jitters! We don’t blame you for being scared of driving on the road this Halloween season. Be safe and give yourself lots of grace. Always have someone with you and drive slowly. Don’t overthink it and you will be a pro in no time!