Are you planning on heading out this week for the Fourth of July? Get your car ready to go with these five easy steps to a smooth sailing road trip with the whole family. From car prep advice to everything about keeping your car cool in the hot summer, here is an easy game plan to help you avoid unexpected repairs or delays. Knowing you prepped your car for this holiday weekend will help you enjoy your trip and relax with everyone you love. Happy Fourth of July and we hope this is your best road trip with family and friends yet! Let’s start prepping your vehicle before the weekend sneaks up on all of us.

1. Double-check your tires!

This one should be at the top of your Fourth of July road trip prep list. Have you experienced any pulling or tugging when you drive? Or maybe your steering wheel has been shaking. Even if you haven’t experienced this, make sure to check the inflation of your tires for top tire health. Driving on unevenly inflated tires, or those with low inflation can cause these tires to overheat and increase the likelihood of a blowout. No one wants this on a road trip or ever. So be prepared this Fourth of July with a double-check of your tire inflation, and get a rotation if needed as well.

2. Make sure your car battery can handle the heat.

We all know how hot it can get in the summertime, especially with Ohio’s humid air. If you are planning a Fourth of July trip, make sure to check the health of your car battery. People often think only freezing temperatures affect your car battery, but the heat does as well! The summer heat can actually be more damaging than cold temperatures if you’re not careful. It could lead to internal breakdown and corrosion buildup. Make sure to check the battery and clean off any buildup of the battery terminals and clamps. Get your battery tested by a professional if you have an older car.

3. Top off your car fluids.

Next step, check your car fluid levels! Check to see how full your car fluids are inside your engine, and fill them up if needed. If your levels are too low, the cooling system’s effect on your car is lessened. So, stay cool this Fourth of July by topping off your fluids. If you need a professional, make sure to bring your car into your local automotive repair shop or to someone you trust. You definitely want to make sure you don’t miss this step or do it incorrectly, causing further damage to your car engine.

4. Have an emergency kit ready?

Even though you want to picture a perfect Fourth of July weekend trip, be prepared for the worst! This will allow you to prepare with all the essentials and emergency backup items. If you don’t have an emergency trip kit already, now is a great time to build one for you and your family. Check out our previous blog, HERE, to build a summer emergency car kit!

5. Get an inspection by a professional.

Lastly, take your vehicle into the professionals for the most ease of mind during your Fourth of July trip this weekend. With all the planning and packing, it could be easy to overlook something that could turn into a bigger problem on the road. If you have the time, make sure to get an inspection at your local automotive repair shop this week. Make sure your oil is changed, your tires are full, and your emergency kit is packed. After this, you should be set to enjoy all your fun Fourth of July festivities!

If you live in the Central Ohio area, come and get road trip ready by stopping into our Westerville or Blacklick, Ohio location. Our team is ready for you!