Your car engine is the core of your vehicle that keeps your entire vehicle going! So, it’s very important to maintain the health of your engine and preserve it well. How do you preserve it so it lasts for years to come? We want to highlight five ways to preserve your car engine for years of smooth sailing on the road. These ways are sure to keep your engine running well and prevent any major repairs that you did not see coming. Take care of these little things so you don’t have to take care of any big and costly repairs later on!

1.Oil change.

First things first, a basic engine preventative care tip is to change your oil! Your local automotive repair shop/mechanic should be able to change it really quickly for you every couple of months. This is an easy step to keep your engine running well and on clean oil. Good oil lubricates the engine and keeps it from overheating!

2. Keep it squeaky clean.

This is another easy preventative car tip to keep your engine running well! Keep it squeaky clean by using a degreaser solution and then hosing it off. Try to remove any debris or dirt from your engine carefully, and check in your grill, vents, and hood to see if they need cleaning. Don’t forget to dry it afterwards by using a microfiber towel after it cools down a bit. If you’re not comfortable with these steps, take it in to your local mechanic to get a quick cleaning.

3. Lubrication.

Car engines have lots of moving and connected parts to keep them running! Keep your engine properly lubricated to drive smoothly on the road. Consistent lubrication keeps your engine from lagging and reduces wear. Make sure to get every part within the engine lubricated for your entire engine system to work well. Ask your local mechanic to get it done professionally, which we always recommend doing!

4. Change the engine air filter.

Another step to preserving the life of your vehicle and engine is not to forget to change your engine air filter! So how often should you do this? The most recommended time is every 30,000 miles you drive. Talk to your mechanic to see what the best option is for your specific vehicle. It is different for every type of car.

5. Radiator coolant flush.

Lastly, get a radiator coolant flush for your engine’s health! A cooling system flush should be a part of your normal car maintenance routine, along with all the other tips above. While engine parts can easily rust, it’s important to prevent this by flushing your coolant regularly by taking your car in to the professionals. Your car engine will run a lot better and perform smoother on the road this way!

We hope these five ways to preserve your car’s engine help you a ton! It’s never too late to start taking care of your vehicle. Start now and take your car in to your local repair shop regularly for all of these preventative care routines. If you live in Central Ohio, come and see us at Harris Automotive Repair for any of your car needs. We are happy to help!

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