Christmas time is in full swing, and with that comes lots of gift giving! We all love to give, but we also don’t have endless amounts of money to spend. So why not try to save money in other ways, so you are not completely broke after the holidays? We at Harris Automotive came up with seven money-saving driving tips to help you save money this holiday season. These tips can help you save money through the holidays and also ALL YEAR LONG!

1.Track gas prices!

While it can be tempting to go to the closest gas station that is more convenient, try to find the best gas prices when driving this holiday season. Even purchase an app like Gas Buddy where you can find the best prices according to where you live. Gas prices will be even lower on certain days if you can hold off until one of those certain days to save money.

Another one of our gas driving tips: LET YOUR GAS TANK GET LOW! You will actually save money if you let your gas tank get very low and then fill up. Don’t waste money by filling up half a tank and then waste money with the extra travel to and from the gas station!

2. Keep your car light!

While it is harder in the holiday season to keep your car packed light, try your best to do so! If you are traveling, travel light with no unnecessary items. Empty your car of anything that could make your car heavier and cause it to burn more gas. Things like cargo on the roof can also burn more gas due to the increase in wind resistance.

3. Make sure to check your fluids!

Another one of our money-saving driving tips is check your fluids! Checking your car fluids will save you money by preventing any unexpected repairs during this busy holiday season. Take your car into a car repair shop like Harris Automotive to have the transmission fluid checked, oil changed, or more fluids looked at to ensure your car is running smoothly on the road through every season.

4. Keep up with your tires!

Save money by keeping your tires properly balanced and inflated. Better tire maintenance will save you from flat tires and give you better gas mileage. The less work your tires have to make on the road, the more you can save on gas.

5. Avoid car idling!

While it may be unavoidable to keep your car from idling, try your best to avoid it! Keeping your car idling longer than 10 seconds can use more fuel, more than it takes to actually start up your engine. If you are in a backed up traffic jam, turn off your engine for a little bit if you can.

6. Leave early!

This may be one you have not thought of! Keep in mind the busiest times of the day, so you can leave early to make it home or to your destination. This will save you gas by taking less idling time and less time spent on the road. If you can, leave before 5:00, so you don’t run into rush hour traffic!

7. Stay alert on the road!

The last of our seven money-saving driving tips is to STAY ALERT ON THE ROAD! With all of the holiday distractions, your phone, kids, and music, they can all be easy distractions in the vehicle. Say no to the noise, and keep focused to avoid accidents on the road. It will not just save you money for the accident repair but will keep you and your family safe!

We hope these seven money-saving driving tips help you save this holiday season and throughout this new year. Making these simple adjustments will make a big impact on your bank account in the long run! Visit us at our Westerville or Blacklick locations, here in Central Ohio, for all your car repair needs.

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