This winter has been quite a snowy one here in Central Ohio! If you are frequently driving in snow where you live, listen up! Stay safe this winter by refreshing your knowledge on how to drive safely in the snow. Every driver needs to be reminded, no matter how many years you have been driving! Here are eight of the best driving tips when it comes to driving in the snow. These will help you make it from one place to the next safe and sound!

1.Drive gently.

The key to driving in snow well is driving without any kind of jerking and carefully turning your steering wheel. Also keep in mind that you are NOT in a rush! Stay cool, calm, and collected. Drive slowly, with small, sharp turns, and gently use your brakes.

2. Stay calm if you slide.

If your car starts to slide on the wintry roads, the best thing to do is STAY CALM. Keep your foot off of the brake. When this happens, gently ease off of the gas a little, turn the wheel in the direction you are sliding, then back to the correct direction.

3. Look ahead of your path.

Another good habit when driving in snow is looking ahead. To avoid unexpected road conditions, look ahead of you while driving if you can. Anticipate what you will need to do to safely make it from one place to the next, like how to turn well and if you need to stop early. Always over exaggerate your stopping distance and turning precautions.

4. Drive slow.

This one may seem simple, but it is KEY! Leave for work or wherever you are going with plenty of time to spare. This will take the rushing element out of your mind and allow you to easily drive slowly and steadily. Drive slowly, especially over bridges or hills, as there may be ice formed in these places. Drive slowly, and be better safe than sorry!

5. Make sure you have clear visibility.

Before taking off to your destination, make sure your mirrors, windshield, and visibility spots are clear and ready to go! Your headlights are a huge visibility safety factor when it comes to driving in snow. Keep your headlights clean and bright as they do play a role in your safety while driving on the road and in the snow.

6. Stay in control.

Always stay in control of the wheel, no matter what happens while driving in snow this winter. Never let the road conditions take over. If this means you drive 20 mph slower, then do that. You and your safety are worth it. Never let road conditions freak you out of staying in control on the road. If you start to lose control, slow down as much as you can, and regain control as soon as you can.

7. Watch out for other drivers.

Stay alert to what other drivers around you are doing, especially in the snowy conditions. Many people forget this huge detail and only worry about what they’re doing. This is far from safe! Staying aware of other drivers on the road is just as important as how you are driving on the road.

8. Consider winter tires.

If you live in a very cold region, consider investing in safer tires such as winter tires! These types of tires have better tread, allowing them to grip the roads better in snowy conditions. The tires perform better in colder temperatures and allow you to slide a lot less during the winter!

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