Fall is here! That means cooler temperatures, lots of apple cider, fun with the family, and, of course, fall cleaning. Make the fall transition driving experience for your vehicle smooth with a little maintenance and repair. Here are some ways to have a problem-free car experience this fall! You will be able to go into fall stress free and ready for what this season brings.

-Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance!

Did I mention maintenance?! Car maintenance is one of the top factors that keep your car running and give you and your passengers a great driving experience. Your vehicle will need maintenance with all the summer heat that it has been through lately. A regular car maintenance list may include important routines like a regular oil change, tire check, brake check, and quick inspection by the professionals. If there is something you have been holding off on, we suggest you take care of it before the winter months come rushing in.

-Prevent rust!

During this fall season, rust is something you want to prevent from appearing on your vehicle. All of the dry summer months give an opportunity for your antirust coating to be damaged. With rain coming into the mix and the fall weather change, rust could easily start to form during your driving experience. To prevent this, wash your vehicle thoroughly and wash under your vehicle as well! You can also wax your vehicle and recoat your car with a rust inhibitor.

-Keep the lights on!

Keep your car lights on and bright all year long so you can see and others can see you! Fall is here, so that means less hours of daylight and more use of your car lights. Lights play a huge role in your car safety and driving experience! So you want to make sure to check your lights regularly. Signs that you need a light repair are dimming, rapid blinking, or it’s simply not lit. Visit your local car repair shop to get a car light inspection if you’re not sure what the problem is. Or you may simply need a new lightbulb in your headlight!

-Full car repair services!

If you simply want your car inspected before heading into this fall season, full speed, come and see us at Harris Automotive! We are located in Westerville and Blacklick, Ohio. Our team is here to make you feel safe on the road and prepared for every season. From tire replacement and belt services to an oil change and brake repair, we are here for you!

So spend your fall with all of these problem-free, simple tips! All of these tips we came up with are sure to make your transition from summer to fall smooth and easy. Drive with confidence knowing your vehicle is working well and ready for all the new changes. Have a great first week of fall, and be safe on the road!

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